Thursday, February 23, 2012

More photo to upload... soon

Well, Time sure go past very fast, since today is 1 full year when my great-grandma pass away, but my dad said that she(spirit) still in our house, and we can only see her in our dream...

Wait a moment... Last night i dreamed that NS become 3 years!! Scary!! 2 years is more than enough and yet i dreaming that i still serving... first thing i woke up this morning was take out my wallet and confirm my pink IC ...

Anyway today the second day of my parents not working since they got many Korea drama series to watch, I'll post them on, and comment on them after i watch finish.

Well, I do have more photo of figurine to post on-line, but as one of my friends is coming to my house to take photo using his camera, I will be posting them at a later date. For now, i will taking more of my opened one.

Also i posted them in my Facebook accounts, Figurine, so you can just click on my Facebook links and head to the album, or you can check  them out on

Nagakun - Black Rock Shooter @ Danny Choo

NagaKun - CC and Kallen @ Danny Choo

Some photos of my figurine:-

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