Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Having Lunch

Conveyor Belt Sushi 

Restaurant - Heiroku Sushi
Location - Harajuku
[Link - Danny Choo: Conveyor Belt Sushi]

I only know and eat my first sushi only when I am in Poly, and I do get embarrass when i say that out loud since nowadays many kids been nagging at their parents to bring them to eat!

Well, there are many sushi with Conveyor Belt in Singapore with the popular one are Sakae Sushi and Umi Sushi etc. But personally I normally will eat the Buffet Packet since it like "All-you-eat" and it more cheaper in this way, unless you don't eat too much sushi.

BUT! If you are in Japan, I would personally recommend you that you get the set, as shown on the photo, which cost ranging about 7000 Yen to 12000 Yen!

I know when convert to Singapore dollar it about $10 to $15, but when you are in Japan, the set itself is enough to make me full for HALF-A-DAY!! Even for a heavy eater like me.

And do note, that was my first Sushi IN Japan!!

Compared to what Danny Choo had eaten at Heiroku Sushi, mine is consider a good set, because you have to order when you sit down.

Unlike this place, all sushi do not have the Plastic cover and when you go in, you will be having watery mouth with jaw.. I meant Teeth to sink on those juicy and delicious sushi. (*A*)

Lunch for today

 First unboxing!! Why the shocked and weird looking face?

Packet Food in Singapore are also being packed up, and sell to customers! And don't you agree that you personally have to put them on plate, or like shown on the photo, just open it up and ready to eat.

Like for all the figurine(s) and Computer Part(s) etc which you bought, they are all "Open" up and "Ready" to be use!!

Ok.. Joke aside for now .. That was just my lunch which i eating today, but I do 'open' it up and was 'ready' to eat it XD

Compared to what Danny Choo had eaten, the pack-up lunch is like Heaven and Hell.

The only thing that what make Singaporean still continue to eat them is that Mix Vegetable in Singapore have different varies of food that let you choose to mix with your rice, ranging from veggie to meat.

Also it also very cheap, starting from $2 and plus plus, depend on the food you chose.

Unlike what I had eaten in Japan previously, I had to admit that the Japanese sure put their heart into it, even the ebi-fry was not oily when I eaten it! And the Miso Soup was the best one which I had!

But on the side note, (try to) stay away from oily/fried food, if you are a health consent person. But take note of one thing, you still need some fat in you to protect yourself from the cold. 

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