Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mada Sunday Report 15 July 2012

Again today is Sunday, and I was thinking of getting a Japanese Sensu since last week the weather was very hot.

But it seem like this week, it been rainy, and instead, Teru Teru Bozu is needed.

This week, didn't get to touch up on any anime, though most Anime were set flight this Season, and also the start of Summer Vacation of most countries.

With so many Figurines to peek on, this week Figurines Report was touch up the most, since there were many interesting to peek on,

Well, I did went for some walking trip to peek at some Figurines shops for some nice Figurines, and seriously, I got some Figurines which activated my Sparkly Eye.

Just that I need to save some money for now.

But even so, it didn't stop me from peeking at many thing, and please do not label me as a Peeking Tom, I only peek at Figurines, Games, Manga and Anime, and I'm not call "Tom", though I won't mind if you change it to "Mada" or "Nagakun" though.

As for Manga, there was some clearing and cleaning to do, and at the same times grabbing some new one which I missed out.

If I never place the Manga book and Anime Disc and Stuffs, I wouldn't had noticed that the amount of them increase so much.

Even I am starting of ways to clear off some stuffs which I don't need; old notes which are of not much uses.

But I still need to consider it at a later timing.

Even some walking trip around from Orchard to Bugis and City Hall was very tiring for my legs too.

Was the first I walked for very long, and having to blog though my iPhone for the first time.

A good experience to try out some new things, since I never know it can work out this way.

If my friends got some stuffs I didn't know, I would ask; same if they not sure on Stuffs I knew, I will teach them too, though I will go into "Old Man Mode"

Also, I will posting on some pictures which I caught using my iPhone, and with permission from the friendly people from Le TenDo, I will posting them next week.

So if you like to peek on them, maybe waiting 1 day or 2, since I still re-adjusting a bit of them for a while.

As for uploading, I will post the links with the post too. Well, this shops is where some of the figurines in my room comes from.

And as for the reason to why I grab them; I don't know myself, since I just lost control and just grab them with my clean hands.

If you want something, buy first and regret later, since you'll never know that you will regret for not getting at a later timing.

Also, there were so many tasty bites I gotten for this week, including one of which I cooked myself.

Today, I will going out for some tasty bite and maybe some peeking around at the same times.

Manga and Anime wise, not a problems, since I taking my sleeping hours to peek on them too.

Well, I still got my napping timing too. And let hope for nice next week starting tonight 12 mid Night.
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