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Mada's Figurines Report 9 July 2012

Today report going to be a long, since I including some stuffs that are not Figurines first , and good to have them due to having their nice Uses.

First off - A fan

Cecilia Sensu @Amiami
Houki Sensu @Amiami
Rin Sensu @Amiami

A must have during the summer now, and the weathers is so to the point that having a fan in your pocket or bags is a good idea! Though it be best be careful of using it due to the design, which is although healthy to your eye, but you might get your surrounding people activating their Concentration Sight on you.

I still using the one I bought from Daiso, though I doubt I can find any file that is that useful as this one though.

Saki Achiga Arc Clear File @Amiami

It is indeed good to use some clear file to store some important document, but this one is very different; the picture is very healthy to your eye, and they do keep your paper safe.

But please be careful of where you going to place, and forget about it though. (*w* ;)

Even I shocked to know that now Bento Box come in appetizing to the Eye and Month too.

Azusa Lunch Set @Amiami

Even having the Fork and Spoon do have Azusa picture in them, which I must give my praise to the one creating this lunch box set.

Indeed, a good looking food best do come in a good looking lunch box; so that it will be healthy to the Eye and Mouth, and at best is that the Biter know that the Tasty bite is very delicious one.

But, though one don't really bring this around, it still important to have a nice sipping water in a nice good cup too!

Medaka Box Mug @Amiami

Ok, I do have to admit that this mug did got my Sparkly Eye activated, though I wonder why it in one color though.

Even so, it still healthy to the eye, and I really want to grab it nicely while slowly sipping some nice tasty water.

Due to the materials being Ceramic, best be careful when holding it. Even one best be taking good care of it when washing it.

Another nice thing to have is a big nice towel, which got many uses. And there this nice towels which some use them for many purposes!

Sena Big Towel @Amiami
Yozora & Sena Big Towel @Amiami
Kobato Big Towel @Amiami

If I must list all the uses of Towel, might let get started, how useful this Towel going to be;

1. Wipe your body/hair after a shower/bath
2. Blanket when sleeping/napping
3. Door Mat
4. Put up as Poster
5. Scarf
6. Put on Any seats/chairs that got a "Back"
7. Windows Curtains
8. Tablecloth
9. Nobori
10. Cleaning Cloth (I won't recommend this though)

Well, I kind of surprise to see that I list some basic uses out, though I think there are many even more uses which someone out there might had thought of. As for me, I going for 2/4/6 though.

Again, some Paper Figurines still can get my Sparkly Eye activated, and even so, there are many different type of paper figurines though.

Miku Papercraft @Amiami

Well, it cheap, and kind of easy to make, plus they do look cute even when you want to put them somewhere near your working seat.

Just that, I still amazed at just how many different types of paper figurines you can peek over at the site. Even it take me some time to finish peeking them all.

You can considering let them sitting at the top of your computer screen.

Another thing which got my Sparkly Eye activated right on the spot would be some nice playing Cards.

TYPE-MOON Deck BOX @Amiami

I never really try playing this type of card game though, but still, I really like Type-Moon anime story though.

Fate/Stay Night was one of my favor Anime which I like peeking around, though as for cards game, never really got my hands on them, so not sure how they go about.

And not much peekers do note that the Kara no Kyōkai is the one which give some idea later to most of Type-moon's story.

And let take a peek at Shiki Tohno's predecessor, Shiki Ryōgi.

Shiki Ryōgi @Amiami

Honestly, I do prefer to say that avoid her at all cost is the best, since both her katana, and her ability to cut anything though her Mystic Eye to see the "Death's line".

Even Tohno use a normal cutter or knife. Though Ryogi look very nice in her Kimono.

I remembered once somewhere while staring blankly at my screen, Danny choo did give some peek into this figurine.

Luka @Amiami

I did like the way Luka posed for this one, and even more when her leg did reveal a bit.

The price, shocked me even more, while I really want to grab it though. And her cute look is very nice.

Very healthy to the eye of the peeker indeed.

And I do like some cute Neko, though I wonder when I notice this 2 Neko girl.

Kobato @Amiami
Maria @Amiami

Even shocking to know that the cuteness of them become higher when placing both of them next to each other.

Indeed, a Neko girl look just so nice and cute no matter where you peek them at.

If there a "Meow" sound made by them, I might get a nosebleed.

Another of my favor childhood anime, and I do like Evangelion a lot, though the ending did gave me a lot of wondering.

Asuka Entry Plug Interior @Amiami

I found this interesting, and I do wonder how big the seat going to come in.

Even nicer is that she can choose not to take a seat at all, though she will be in sitting pose.

If her machine is somewhere near, I think she ready to rock

Another robot fighting anime that I like was Gundam Seed, which I never failed to catch it in TV.

Lacus @Amiami
Athrun @Amiami

They come in separately but do look nice together. Though if I remember rightly, Lacus ended with Kira.

Also, Lacus is a nice singers, with a nice look and a nice pose when this figurine stand.

I sure many would like to have her standing, and hopefully sing her nice songs.

Is there a doctor in the house?

ER Doctor Mika Nighty Ver. @Amiami
ER Doctor Mika Daily Ver. @Amiami

Well, she do need to change, so she do need to undress.

Come in 1 white and other black, which both are of my favor color. Though I wonder which hospital in which series did she belong to.

Even I find it nice that there is a Nighty version and a Daily Version.

With Horizon on the Middle of Nowhere being set off flight for it Season 2, I still peeking at Season 1.

Tomo @Amiami

I wonder why it was middle of nowhere, but I really like this anime which was recommended by my friend.

Though the fan services do nearly go beyond the Thin red Line.

Even so, I find it very interesting, though I wonder why the way Tomo figurine look very funny.

Well, for some reason, there seem to have some red water coming out of my nose though.

Again, though I did post in some of my previous figurines reports, I find Saber able to get my Sparkly eye activated when they are all in their swimsuit.

Even a Lion cosplay do look cute.

-Saber of Fate/EXTRA @Amiami
-Saber of Fate/hollow ataraxia @Amiami 
-Saber of Fate/Zero
-Alt. Saber of Fate/hollow ataraxia @Amiami
-Saber Lily of Fate/stay Night @Amiami
-Saber Lion @Amiami

Well, I wonder why there are so many Sabers, and they still look so cool, and cute.

Well, with so many peeking at Figurines and some anime stuffs, got any of them activate your Sparkly Eye?
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