Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Black Rock Hoody Shooter

Insane Black Rock Shooter Figure
[Link to Danny Choo: Insane Black Rock Shooter figure]

Just when i blog on about Black Rock Shooter finally wearing her hoody, the very next day Danny Choo just had to go and post Black Rock Shooter Figma, (Hooded) Anime Version.

Well, Credit to Good Smile Company for keeping up with anything that is Black Rock Shooter, and frankly say, if this is out, i wouldn't know how I will be reacting...

But for me, i got 2 BRS Figurine from Good Smile Company in my possession currently.

And one more Figma, which i currently letting her hold on to her Rock Cannon, instead of the sword, if not why is she call Black Rock "Shooter"...

But beware, Once you look into her Rock Cannon, that the last time you will be seeing!! (Just joking^^)

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