Sunday, February 26, 2012

A friendship between 2 Otaku

となりの柏木さん (Tonari no Kashiwagi-san)
Alt Name: Next to Kashiwagi-san
Author: Shimotsuki Kinusa

Published in Manga Time Kirara Forward, Houbunsha

Manga - Chapter 1 - 21 [Oncoming]

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Sakuraba Yuuto, an Otaku, took an interest in an on-line Illustration SNS, which is a website that show case other illustrators' works on-line for other to view and comment. As he discussed it with his best friend, Kazuki, they were overheard by Kashiwagi Kotone, rumored to hate Otaku.

After school, Yuuto received a call from his favorite anime shop, and was happy to know that he is employed by the shop manager. On the first day of his work, he found out that Kotone go into the shop to buy Anime and stuffs.

The next day, Kotone forces Yuuto make a promise not to mention any other person about her at the shop. Sayaka worried about Kotone, had a chat and try to test Yuuto, which he passed. After that, Kotone and Yuuto had a chat and found out they have a common interest as fellow Otaku.

However, what Yuuto was not aware, is that his favorite on-line illustrator, Sayane, was no other than Kotone herself.


For all Moe Fan, if you would like to read a manga, I would recommend this Manga to you as the story is more on "Slice of Life" and "Romance" at a later stage, there are some interesting humor in between the story, but in my sense, I would prefer to just to say - "Moe~<3!"

If you did read this manga, good for you!

I come across this manga somewhere in May last year, but lost track of it somewhere in between... I'm lucky to find this back since this Manga is published in the same magazine as Yumeikui Merry.

What I like about this Manga is the drawing of each character, as they are very Cute and Moe. The story is also very interesting on the conversation between each characters and how each character think, which one could say; "Kawaii~ne~"

If you are out for some interesting Manga on "Slice of Life" type and/or "Moe Moe" character type of manga, i would recommend this Manga.

Hope you guys would read and enjoy it~! ( *v*)(b)

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