Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa

(Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa)
Alt Name: Harisugawa in Mirror World

Author: Kano Yasuhiro
Published in Weekly Shonen Jump, Shueisha

Manga - Chapter 1 - 29 [Finished]

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Tetsu Harisugawa, believed that if the girl that he loves is in danger, and that he can save her, he would risk even his own body and life to save her, no matter what.

Titled as "Life Saver" of Mao Satomi from a car accident when they were young, Tetsu had been in the spot of hatred and jealously as Mao do not speak to other boys expect Tetsu. As the other were unaware that Mao is in fact afraid of boys, those who confessed their love, were rejected, and took out their anger on Tetsu, since he is the only guy who is friendly to Mao, and at the same time at the look out for Mao, from accident and other boys.

Afraid of Mao might reject his confession, Tetsu had been carefully planning and maintain his "Golf Tower" friendship with Mao, to the point of even studying hard, just to get into the same school as her.

But both their live were change when Mao bought a Mysterious Mirror from a shop.

Tetsu, saved Mao again from another car accident, but he disappear in sight, leaving Mao panic and confused. But believing that Tetsu did saved her, she ask around her friends and even Tetsu's house to confirm it. Tetsu later wake up to find himself in total darkness.

Tetsu discovered that he is suck into the Mirror, and Mao was dumbfound at the first, before agreeing to help him find way to get out of the Mirror.

What they both are unaware that, the Mirror can suck in the person who is in near death situation, and that in order for Tetsu to leave the Mirror, Mao must fall in love with Tetsu, which Tetsu didn't have the courage to confess, as he is afraid that she might reject.


From the Creator (author) of the popular manga, Pretty Face and Mx0, Yasuhiro Sensei had made another interesting (short series) Manga.

Again, this is another manga which i come across when I was reading another Manga on-line last year, and at first, didn't take note that it was from Kano Yasuhiro Sensei, but as I read on, the manga drawing style just make me realized it.

There are some parts with Fans Service, with Tetsu seem to get himself into, but for those who like 'School Life', 'Romance' and/or 'Slice of Life' style of Manga, this is strongly recommended by me! (*u^ )b

You 'll take a liking on how Tetsu and Mao trying ways of getting Tetsu to get in love, when he didn't have the courage to confess to her, and further more, how both having to interact with each other only though the Mirror, and not letting other people know about the truth.

Sadly, this interesting Manga stop at Chapter 28, with chapter 29 as a bonus. I not going to spoil out all the story in between to the end. Since it will be no point, before you even start to read it.

Well, I can say that I'm looking forwards to another interesting Manga from Yasuhiro Sensei, and for those who are unaware of his works, you can check the following link to take a little peek into his world.

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