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Koaka Head

Koaka Head

Creator - Goshiki Suzu

Series - Manga
Published in Young Ace, Kadokawa
2 Volumes [Compelete]
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Story start with Itou Takeru, a very unpopular in Middle school, and decided to attend the same school and class as Watase Nagisa who treated him with kindness.

But what he didn't know is that it was an Art Focus Class with the class being mostly girl, with him and another friend from the same middle school, Aizawa Yuuto, a very sporty person.

But being one out of 2 boys only in class isn't going to get him anywhere, and not even thinking the place as Paradise.

Itou is a very negative person who think the whole world is against him, and had very bad luck himself, and do get bullied or laughed by many other.

He even grew his hair long to cover his face, but it still not enough to cover up his Negative Aura nor Chronic Stomachache when too stress out, and vomiting out blood, which all just freak any other people in class.

I like how the Creator draw all the funny face on Itou, but what very shocking come when Itou later (was forced to) cut his hair short by his Senpai, in order to change his life-style.

But his personality still remain but many are still shocked to show his new look, which is totally different person.

As for his Crush, Watase, I somehow was thinking this Manga Creator might have something up the sleeve for making her an Angel, or even a Goddess to Itou.

And I was right cos for someone very nice, after seeing Itou on top of his senpai in an Accident reveal Watase's Yandere True Face. But an Air-head on top of that is going kill Itou no matter how happy he is when he near to Watase.

Uchida Aya later on become their friend, and I find it amusing at how Aya's Middle School Friend can be Tsudere in someway.

Initially Itou was bullied though Aya felt bad about it, still in some way she is shy person for someone who can run very fast in adnormal Speed.

Even surprising, Itou can also run very fast but at the cost of showing a very funny and interesting Face Expression while running. It was reveal by Yuuto that Itou did badly for his Sport test was due to that, and due to being bullied which is why he build Walls around to avoid other.

But Watase was the one who changed him, but the negative Aura was later kicked in due to too much stress. To make matter worst, he going to be the same class as Hyuuga Nana, who doesn't like him at all.

Both of them got in a very bad start, but after a running race between themselves, the relationship seem better, but one can see that Nana play bit of Tsudere role since she tend to hit Itou's head with her bags, and both of them tend to argue a lot.

Aya tend to try her best to appeal Nana, though sometime Watase is the one who stopped Nana. For an pretty and kind girl like her, the yandere personality really kick it off she pissed at Itou for being close to his Senpai.

But she can be understanding, sometime, but Nana tend to care the most for someone who the most violent.

For a short 2 Volumes with a total of 13 chapters, it is not bad for a short Manga Peeking, but if you're wonder where I peeked, it was on a Chinese tranlation @99Manga.

In some ways, one can see the story went well with Itou changing the most, for someone who very negative, but the changes did seem a bit too much as the ending show that Itou had "opened up" his closed heart.

For a short Manga, it was what got me peeking into due to the plot and how the flow go, which is not bad for a short Manga peeking.

As far as I Peeked, do you want to attend a Girl-only Art Class in Koaka Head?
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