Thursday, October 18, 2012

Touching, Peeking and Gaming

Was needing some napping myself to clear my mind, and weather wasn't good, and that same go to my stomach.

Been playing Guild War 2 for past few day and reached Lv 80, so what I doing is just exploring around, and maybe some peeking into Manga and Anime which I really need to catch up on.

There are also other PS3 Games which I really want to touch up on too, and to think that there were some more new one.

Seem like I need to peek again, but I will be having Anime Peeking since I been Manga Peeking instead. I even can engross myself in Manga until I forgot the timing and almost forgotten to blog one post today, but I will be Anime Peeking a while.

There are even some other stuffs which I peeked, which I would like to post too.

And there are some random stuffs which I preparing the post, and maybe I still wondering how to change some stuffs in this blog.

The tabs still an issues, though I wonder about the Sizing of this blog too.

Anyway, need to get back to Manga Peeking Finish before my Anime Peeking. There are just so many nice and interesting new Series, which I would start a few sooner next week.

Currently, Gaming and Manga need to be done peeking.

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