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Mada's Figurines Report 29 October 2012

The Weather right now really is a good timing for Napping, after re-positioning some furniture in my room.

But that didn't stop me from Figurines Peeking and that Anime Peeking will be at later timing for me.

This week got a few nice Figurines to peek, and with some Anime Goods very interesting being up for order, I might peek into them at later timing.

But let peek into some of the Figurines which I might start with a very famous person in Japan, but in the Anime Way.

If you watched The Ambition of Nobuna Oda, then you might know that the person (Real name Oda Nobunaga) is a very famous name, and that some games like Basara got that covered in their character list.

The Ambition of Nobuna Oda @Amiami

I like how the story plot of about the Main Character traveled back in time and become one of the greatest Ruler, who in the Anime fact, is a girl.

And to think that she is a wild one, since she is showing off her bra, though I wonder if that Era got that kind of Bra in the first place.

If you like the way Nobuna show one side of her top, then you can consider grabbing her, with your clean hands of course.

Or you can ask Takenaka to purify you, if you're a demon or spirit that want to be purified.

That face expression of her isn't going to change in anyway even after she purified you. But still, she is one cute little girl which you can have in your room.

She seem to be someone who can help to keep away Spirit or Demon from your Hiding Hole.

Another way is to have some bodyguard like Nobuna did, but they are just too cute that you can consider placing them on your shoulders.

If you prefer modern girl, then those at that age would be wearing student Uniform and it seem there are some cute girl who are wearing them.

Mami Tomoe Figma (Uniform Ver.) @Amiami

There isn't any Figma of the Madoka Gang in their uniform yet, and to think that Mami is the first to step out.

Plus that isn't all for this figma, which she can do almost any impossible pose that a normal human can't, like standing on leg and another leg strike up.

Keep that pose for weeks and she win. Anyway she with with her Teacup set and school bags, and she ready to transform with her Soul Gem included.

If you want to have her change, you would need to grab her transformed version beforehand.

There is also another girl in uniform and this one is in Nendoroid Mode.

Ichika Takatsuki @Amiami

If one never peeked into Ano Natsu de Matteru, you wouldn't never know that she look very normal with her Student uniform on.

Yup, she is an Alien, and a beauty to top it off. But from peeking into the Anime, one can know that she seem more human than one expected.

It not usual for Alien / Human relationship since there are some Anime also based on that like Nyaruko and To-Love-ru.

Another red hair in her school uniform which strangely seem like an alien, but I wonder why many "seem" to forget about her.

Akari Akaza (Doll Ver.) @Amiami

There is a Nendoroid Version for it which I mentioned once in my previous Figurines Report.

She isn't any daily person where you can see her Hair Dumplings being shoot out like a rocket, or turning invisible by saying her own name.

The Nendoroid Version did give me a laugh which I would recommend for Clean Hand Grabbing. But if you need a doll, or daughter, then consider grabbing this.

Plus her Hair Dumplings can be taken out, but it isn't gonna rocket shooting.

If you want to have some Mature girl then we can peek a bit into that, but I wonder if the latest Trend is Girl in Jacket / Coat with their Panties on.

Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse @Amiami
-Yui Takamura
-Kriska Barchenowa

But peeking at this is just too much, since the jacket cover some of their Oppai, which is somehow revealing, and the Panties just too sexy, which they aren't Naked, but also very revealing.

This got me Praise the one who sculpted the two figurines, since this is actually very very nice. Anymore and I would faint due to overly Nose Bleeding or Heart Beating.

Another type of commonly known Mature would be the Nurse / Doctor wearing their White Coat and showing their Care and Concern for their patients.

Karisa @Amiami

Maybe this figurine can be bit of too much, but kindly don't ask me why she having her Horns on.

She can give you a serious Nose Bleeding or Heart Attack if you not ready to see her stripping her clothes off.

I not even sure if her Demon Looking is just too real to cover up her side of caring for the Patients. Or better yet, she isn't a docter in the first place.

I almost forgot that Scientists also wear long white coat.

I need to imagine a cute little girl to clear my mind.

Prisma Illya @Amiami

The Same Illya from the Fate Series, but in that Series World, she is the main character who played the role of being a Magical Girl.

She is cute in the series, though there are some part which can be disturbing in the original Fate/Stay Night, like her heart being forced out.

In anyway, at first her purple clothes look great on her, but wearing pink just made her more girly and cute. And that pose when she appear seem to soothe people than scaring off enemies.

You can lower your eye level and peek at her underskirt if you're interested.

But let peek at some swimsuit before I closing off for this Week Figurines Report.

Tony x Takeshi Miyagawa White School Swimsuit Maid Ver. @Amiami

My praise to the Creator and Sculptor for creating the nice mixture of Swimsuit and Maid Version for this figurine.

If you would like to have a cute girl to serve you nicely, maybe mixing Swimsuit and Maid can mysteriously make your foods and drinks more tasty, even if they're burnt or nasty.

Just looking at them is Tasty and Healthy enough for the eye. And to think that this White School Swimsuit mixing with some Maid costume like the Cap, Sock and Apron is enough to make me Sparkly Eye Activated.

If you want a normal girl in Swimsuit, then here one last peek for the girls from Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate.

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate @Amiami
-Satsuki Shinonome
-Chisato Sumiyoshi

The Eroge-based Anime turned out not bad, and I like how the Anime go by mixing in some other Anime in, which made the series funny, and different from what I expected at first.

Another Series which I will be peeking at later timing, but let take a peek at how nice the 2 girls are in their swimsuit.

They seem to wear the same swimsuit but of different color, and just lowering your Sighting Eye Level can let you peek under that very short swimsuit skirt. But that may or may not earn you a big slap.

Well, there are sure some figurines which are revealing, and some looking cute in their costume / uniform. Still they all look very nice from what I peeked, so have any of them activated your Sparkly Eye?

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