Friday, October 19, 2012

Gaming Progress for Guild Wars 2

From the time I gotten my Clean Hands on the Guild War 2, it been 1 month and I finally reached 80, considering that I not playing straight for so many days.

Not an easy breeze if you ask me, plus the level isn't easy as it seem, but it still good when it come to doing those Events, plus I had fight 2 of the Elder Dragon's Champion, one being the Shatterer and other being Claw of Jormag.

Was training over at another area instead of fighting the Undead Dragon, Sunless.

And it seem like I been exploring around more, but still this game need best to have more players and playing together.

My Imouto been busy with her work until she gotten sick for 1 weeks, and currently it just gotten better, but I will need to train her slowly, when she got the time, and not watching Korean and lazy around.

I also skip the Story part and just leveling around by doing Events which seem like non-stop, and currently I am covering up on that since I wanted to know about the storyline.

With a total of 5 different Race, different skills set and jobs, I might be starting up on another Characters.

This game is so interesting, but still best to concentrate on the currently character first. Later Character can come later and there is no hurry for it yet. Not like this game going anywhere.

What next after reaching lv 80?

It crafting, exploring and finishing up on the story, in which the Final Boss seem to be on the Elder Dragon. And I don't wanna get near to it.

Well, I did get up too close to Claw of Jormag even if I say that, but that is consider small when next to the Elder Dragon which the Art reveal that those Elder Dragon are Terrain themselves when they were "Sleeping" and to think their Minions can be so painful.

Due to concentrating on Game and Manga, I really lacking back on Anime Peeking and I really need to clean up my Room, which I kind of shocked to see some dirt around.

And to think that there is some Walking Session which I planned, though I hope the rain decided not to accompany me when I walking.

Unless someone want to get their clothes wet.

As for now, back to playing Guild Wars 2.

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