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Hayate no Gotoku! Anime Season 3

ハヤテのごとく! Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Hayate the Combat Butler - Can't Take My Eyes Off You

Creator - Kenjiro Hata

Chapter 382 | 34 Volumes [Ongoing]

Anime Season 3
Directed by Masashi Kudo
Studio - Manglobe

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With the Season 3 of Hayate no Gotoku out, was kind of expecting the Anime to be following the Manga, but there seem to be a big twist and change which I wonder where the head and tail of the story plot.

Was disappointed on how the story go, with Athena not appear yet, and to think that Nagi still stay at her old house and still having Tenants in her supposing new house.

I did the same thing as her before
Not that I mind since most characters appear, but in a unexpected ways, and even Klaus and Tama don't have any much Screen Time as usual.

Also Ruka did appear, but the way she got her Screen timing got me Head all mess up on the story plot, which I wonder if it was the Creator / Director in the first place.

I prefer the Original Manga Story plot, even when it twisted, it still fun to read and peek. For Anime wise, I would prefer more laughter, and it never fail me on that essence.

There still interesting to peek on this Anime and I laugh at how Nagi's NEET life can level up on that.

Another interesting thing is that some flow from the original Manga Plot also appear in the story though at some twisted point, like Hayate and Hinagiku going on their "First date".

Well, many characters are slowly appearing, and I got my own laugh at Isumi and her mother's chatting session, which both give some punchline, especially when her mother want to win her daughter at any cost.

Ever click the wrong button at the Vending Machine?
Though the story plot changes, I still like the slice of life and their joke and gag which is still there. You really can expect that there are some people out there doing the same time as them, expect for Hayate in some ways.

I however do like this kind of story plot being twist in some ways and different from the Original Manga plot, reason being that the spoiler from Manga won't impact the Anime Plot.

But on other hands, I still prefer the Original Manga plot since the Anime is based off the Manga. Well, it still depend on those who peek into this Anime / Manga Series.

If you wonder who the blue hair singer that appear in between the anime, that is Ruka who is unknown Mangaka, and also a Famous Idol in their World.

She was also abandoned by her parents with a debt of 150 Million Yen, which is the same as Hayate.

I really need to give praise to the Creator for creating another character with the same background as Hayate, and a girl to top it up.

You agree with her?
Even just based from the latest Chapters, Hayate himself gotten the affection of many girls, including Ruka. But his Misfortune never failed to amaze me, though the Anime had yet to show his misfortune traits.

Just a Matter of Time before it going to appear, since the first Episode for Season 3 also show Nagi being kidnapped, and she admitted it "been a while".

As far as I peeked, have you taken a peek into the Twisted, Unpredictable and Funny World in Hayate no Gotoku! Can't Take My Eyes Off You. yet?

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