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Renai Boukun

Renai Boukun
Love Tyrant

Creator - Mihoshi Megane

Series - Manga
Published in Comic Meteor, G-Mode
4 Chapters so far
[No Volume yet]

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Story Start with a Shinigami Looking girl who show a Mysterious item and telling Aino Seiji to kiss a random person.

But what he didn't know is the very mysterious item can do even more worst thing when in this Shinigami hand.

Kiss Note (a very obvious punchline to Death Note) can cause any one to kiss and fall in love. It also mentioned that the couples will be bless and lived happily.

I actually laughed at the part where the Shinigami pair the President with the Prime Minister, pairing a Gay Couples, and they really go and lived very happily.

Well, My praise for having such a powerful pairing.

But due to not much information given to him, he went and kiss the shinigami, and to think that he got a crush on the School Idol, Hiyama Akane.

A beautiful girl who been admired by many other people around, from School, to passerby, and there even a group of Stalkers who are in love with Akane, and that including her long distance Sister.

In her eye, it seem that only Seiji is her only true love, and been waiting for his confession.

However her true color as a True Yandere appear when Gris, the Shinigami mentioned Seiji had kissed her.

I can't stop laughing when Akane take out her weapons out of no where, but from her chest which I can't imagine how she placed it there in the first place.

Well, Akane will kill any girls who been with Seiji, which is very much to his dismay after knowing her personality, and he somehow regretted when Gris did something to the both of them.

Yes, both Akane and Seiji kissed and their name are written on the Kiss Note, though the problem is Gris also written her name inside.

I wonder how come her favor cosplay is the Shinigami when she is an Angel, and a cupic on top of that who love to pair up Male couples. She do go for Yuri too.

Apart from that, what I can't stop peeking into this is how Seiji need to survive her newly Yandere Girlfriend Akane.

The whole school was very upset after Akane stick to Seiji a lot, and catching attendance of everyone by telling all that she give something very important to Seiji.

I know her First Kiss is very important, but the way she say it is very misleading and all though of the another something important, and that her "First Time".

Good thing for Akane is that she get to have her Crush to herself, but she tend to overreact when Seiji is with another girl, and that including both their own younger Sisters and Gris.

Gris was later mentioned by her superior as a weird one as Angel are not able to interact with normal human, especially in Love relationship. I wonder if it was due to their First kiss.

Good thing Seiji become a Half-Angel thank to Gris and her Kiss Note, which he can't die but should Gris become a Fallen Angel, then he will disappear.

I wonder how come Akane can be easily appeal / piss when it come to anything relate Seiji, and she also can be stopped by Seiji when he called out her first name.

What to expect from a True Yandere?

But it also seem that both Seiji and Akane need to stop Gris from getting out of hands and with her Kiss Note.

I know Death Note is a very powerful Notebook which can kill anyone off, but this Kiss Note is just too much.

As an Angel, Gris really abuse that Kiss Note and I can't stop laughing at how she done thing around, and having paired up many different couples in town. Mostly Male couples.

Also, that Kiss Note can't be used by anyone expect for an Angel, which proved that normal human can't abuse that notebook, but even in her hands, she listen to anyone request and still write the couples name down.

Well, Seiji need to teach, control and stop Gris if he going to survive his life with Gris, and his Yandere Girlfriend.

As far as I peeked, do you want to write down any couples name in Kiss Note with the help from Renai Boukun.

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