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Mada's Figurines Report 15 October 2012

Monday again, which mean another Figurine Peeking week to start off the day so that one won't feel that Monday Blue.

Maybe some cute girls to help soothe away that hateful feeling, and for this week, I will be talking about Cute girls who are not just Cute only.

 Asuna (Nendoroid) @Amiami

Ok, about time her Nendoroid Version get ready to be grabbed, and you won't be seeing her wearing that Armor for the later episode in Swords Art Online since they are in another game.

Meaning to say her costume going to change, but this Armor is mark the start for Sword Art Online, which make Asuna more appeal and at the same time, being herself.

Since this is a Nendoroid Version, you can expect no less of her fitting right at your palm, but she can be a handful too. Her Rapier is also not something to be reckoned with.

Asuna not the only person who can wield a Dangerous Weapons, and well-known for her strength.

Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois @Amiami

Leo of Dogs Day is also someone, or Some whatever person who got an Animals Ear, is also someone not to go against, and her power can blow anyone away, be it allies or foes.

Amazingly, it seem like she is ready to strike anyone down anytime, so best not to place her next to your bed, else she might attack you while you're Napping.

My praise to the one who NEVER take the photo of her back, which meant to say she not going to show you her back and go attacking her at her blind spot.

Since it from the Good Smile Company, that explained why Leo is smiling, and the one who grabbed that will strangely Smiling away.

Maybe one more cute girl who not only Wield an Dangerous Weapons, but also in her Yokai Form.

Ririchiyo Shirakiin @Amiami

A Demon Horn, Maiden Shrine Costume and a very long Weapons... Ok.. Dangerous Girl Alert!

What got me amazed is how the story plot in the original Manga seem so interesting, and this girl can die and later reincarnate back.

Anyway, another cute best not to place next to the bed, since her pose also seem ready to strike anyone down when they are napping.

Unlike Leo previously, this girl is not Smiling~ and what worst? She show her back, and my best advice is not to look at her Butt. You will get a nightmare if you really did.

If you want a frightening girl but not to carry any Weapons, then you might consider Mei.

Mei Misaki @Amiami

Her Figurine alone is alright, but that coffin next to her isn't funny, and I not going to grab this just to place it next to my bed.

I must give my praise to Griffon Enterprises for creating Ririchiyo and Mei in such Scary way.

Well, the coffin might seem normal, but the girl inside isn't smiling at all, which is why I give my praise. Really not easy having to sculpt out some scary girl, but looking cute at the same time.

I do like having switch off the light in my room, but when it come to scary stuff, my room will immediately switch on the light, if there is a Black out, and having Scary Stuff appearing, then I'm Screwed.

Enough with Scary and Dangerous Girls who have their Cuteness cover their background, and let peek at some refreshing Cute girls.

Yayoi Takatsuki @Amiami

A very cheerful Idol who can stand on one leg for very long and good to place next to your bed.

But be careful, and don't mistaken her for alarm clock when you need to switch off that Annoying Ringer who wake you up early in the morning.

Placing her next to your bed is to brighten up your day, since her smile can put a smile your face, but don't expect her to give you a morning kiss or sing a song just to wake you up.

But if you did swing your hand too hard just to kill your alarm ring, and heard Yayoi take a fall, that might give you a very Good Waking Call.

Another girl who good to place next to your bed would be a school girl.

Himeko Inaba @Amiami

Not sure why her pose look very sexy for a school girl, plus she seem to be standing almost on one leg too though she isn't

Anyway, her pose might or not turn you on right off the morning still depend on different person, plus her smile look so nice.

Well, it better do since it from Good Smile Company, and many Figurines from GSC are just so great that I really do own a few figurines from GSC and I really do smile due to strange, unknown reason which I can't explain why.

Maybe a classic Series where Cute Future girl look just so great, but I can't live that long to the future to know whether if such a person will exist.

Yuki Mori @Amiami

Can you live until Year 2199?

Maybe, Maybe Not, Maybe I don't know, but even so for a Classic Series, this Anime is just so nice that even the Movie also seem so great.

I actually wonder how do Creator decided the costume the future person might wear, but anyway Yuki posing is just right to place next to your bed.

But be careful though, any emergency might happen.

Even though now is not Summer, it doesn't mean that you can't get to see girl in Yukata.

Fate/stay night Girl in Yukata @Amiami

Now it Rin's turn to be pre-order, and that leave Sakura being the last one ready, and I laughed when I show the photo-type group photo when they released Saber.

Anyway, this set for each girl come separately, and they each cost 5,000 Yen to 6,000 Yen, which mean a big hit to the wallet, but it still good to go since this set just look so great.

It not a daily thing to see figurine having their own seat, plus Rin is the only one in the group who is seating down, and it seem that there was a bit change to the Sakura Figurine, and Sakura is placing her hand over Rin Shoulder if you grab this collection set.

Nothing less to expect for the Sisters.

Before I close off this Week Figurine Report on Cute girl, here one last Cute girl who is giving Fan service to whoever grabbing her and placing her next to the bed.

Kudryavka Noumi @Amiami
-Regular Edition
-Distribution Limited Edition

It seem like Noumi finished her Swimming and ready to take a shower, and that her School Swimwear if you thinking that as her underwear.

The way she cover herself halfway with a towel and taking her swimsuit really give one of the best Fans Service which might (or not) get you nosebleed and faint after waking up and saw her.

At least you will have an excuse to why you didn't go to work, school, or anywhere. But whether the excuse will be considered as Valid will depend on the one who is receiving that excuse.

As far as I peeked, do you have any Figurines which you want to grab and place it next to your bed?

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