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Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba

Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba 
Foreign Girl and a Bouquet of Violets

Creator - Mizuse Kiseki

Series - Manga
Published in Manga Time Kirara Forward, Houbunsha
2 Volumes [Complete]
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Story Plot start with Masaki Ryou went to an old Mansion to do some cleaning with his older sister.

During cleaning, he come across a well and accidentally fell into it and when he regain conscious, he was in Pre-modern England, and meeting a girl, Rose Linford.

Interestingly, Ryou traveled back in time and took his Great Grand Father's place in that timeline, much to his dismay, but he good thing for him, he did listen to his mother about his Great Grand Father.

Masaki Ichiro, an exchange student in England, and to be a great Gardener, Ryou however do not have much knowledge in Gardening himself, but he believe he need to find the main core of how to go back to his own timeline.

Luckily for him, Rose is very interested in Japan and anything related to it, and she did collected a lot of stuffs from Japanese Chair to Kimono.

She also want to see much more as she only heard rumor or read from books, which she can only imagine, but unable to see the real thing, or know the right reason or meaning behind them.

Good thing Ryou know some of them, and he did help Rose in some ways, like getting her relationship with Takanashi Sumire, another Japanese exchange student.

Well, he surely can't relax, and even Rose's Elder brother didn't waste much time in giving one big trouble and problem to Ryou.

Though Sumire and Rose did help out and able to show the big brother about Ryou's Skills too. Interestingly, it seem like the big brother got Siscon, since he very protective of his sister, Rose.

Just saying "I hate you" from Rose is enough to get him Emo all the way, but it seem that he learn a bit of lesson.

Sumire, who was kind of cold at first to Rose and Ryou and not speaking much at first, had also decided to improve on her English so she can speak with Rose.

Well, Rose somehow very protective and attracted to Sumire, but she did have much fun when she with Ryou, even her Maid can see that Rose is enjoying more during the Gardening Session.

What got me peeking into this Manga was due to the short amount of chapters which is ideal for short Manga Peeking, and the story plot was kind of interesting too.

Interesting plot on time traveling back to his Great Grand Father Timeline and even taking his place, but since there weren't much serious style around, the Series did finish.

Still my praise to the creator for this Manga, since the things happened was suppose to be short, in which Ryou live as his Great Grand Father, but interestingly, I wonder if what Ryou did is also the same as Ichiro.

Even Ryou received a kiss from Rose, which is considered as a welcome greet for them, but I remember that they must be close friend or relative.

Anyway as far as I peeked, do you want to travel back in time and take your Great Grand Parent's timeline and live for a short live in Ikoku Shoujo to Sumire no Hanataba?

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