Sunday, October 7, 2012

A small Walking Trip 3

Mentioned in onetime previous manga post, I went and take a peek over kinokuniya to check out on it manga / light novel. Good thing and thank to my friend, manage to find it and song at there is 2 Chinese volumes on it.

Same time I got another volume for another light novel and manga.

The creator of mayo chiki Created another interesting light nove and it sure got me taking a peek into it.

Not bad for the story plot, but taking account into my schedule, kind of hard to juggle light novel reading, manga peeking, anime watching, and many other.

And due to helping my dad in the morning and a very unstable working timing, seem like I went for lesser walking than I expected, and there are games which I also having touching and playing on.

Worst case is having new games ot and I really want to grab them with my clean hands.

No worry since they take a step into my hiding hole one some day.

But yesterday walking session I not only grab some books. We went to take some bite out of Japanese curry rice over at Liang court after peeking around at orchard.

Was shocked to see that the little racing cars shop was somewhere I walk passed so many times and not noticing it at all.

Good is that now I know where the place is and I would like to take a peek in my next walking session in near future hopefully.

Also we grab some stuffs over meiya supermarket, which is good thing sine was able to find his favorite instant noodles over there.

Well, I do grab some myself since I buy some Japanese instant noodle from that supermarket.

Also, the weather in Singapore been very weird for past few days and sometime having Sudden / Heavy Rain or very Hot / Heart Sun is going to get many people sick, including me.

Well, if no one get sick, doctor will have no business to run anyway. But best to take good care of one health and drinking water is very important.


Next day went to the same place to peek on some stuffs again, and with my imouto, since she too have something to grab.

Meeting Point at the Japan Travel Fair over at Takashimya Singapore, where the 5 Tokyo Girls also come down and do some singing and dancing.

Interestingly. there was a fashion show off after that too, and a good timing to see at some latest fashion, design and style.

Male Model only, no female though and nearby somewhere that is someone wearing the Tengu Mask and walking around.

I wonder if I get to see the real deal if I really go to Japan myself, but anyway there are many different type of Demon / Ghost from different countries.

What similar about them is that there are people who believe they are real, and some who don't. I would say it depend on each believe, but let take that off mind and take some tasty bite again.

My Imouto do have a very Picky Taste, so I do need to bring her to take some tasty bite, and first thing she look into is the Soft Shell Crab. The Vegi and Takoyaki were bitten by me.

Went to RamenPlay since most of the other places were filled with Biters and I wonder just when will the Tasty Bite Spot over at Takashimaya and Ion Orchard will be up after the newly Renovation.

Good thing to know there are new changes to them, though I wonder if it also meant that there are changes to the Store too.

Not very easy to grab tasty bite over Orchard, but very easy to find some over the Market Area.

I help my dad out in the morning, and of course since we go around some places, my mum would recommend some tasty bite if she know one in that area.

A very tasty bite and a good praise to RamenPlay, and I gave myself a very big FacePalm when I was told by the Staff there that my Net Card is also a Mastercard (Debit Card) which I can just do the signing instead of punching my card pin number.

A very good thing to know after I gotten this cards, but seriously, I still prefer to key in the number, and should my Black Rock Shooter Wallet disappear on me, I will cry.

Next time go to any Tasty Bite Shop and they don't accept Nets Card, MasterCard is my next choice, but I do need to deposit to my account though.

As for now, time to peek into more Nicely Fresh from the Oven New Anime Series.

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