Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Cleaner Cloth

One of the thing which got me noticed during my Figurines Peeking yesterday was the cleaner cloths, which got so many different uses.

And I really want to tell you a few of how to fully make use of one before you go Clean Hand Grabbing, even if they are very cheap at the cost of 400 to 500 Yen.

Grabbing too many at one go will let you notice that will be a big hit to your Wallet.

So before we get started with one of the greatest item used by many, and having it listed into one of the Anime Goods list, we would need to know how the cleaner Cloth work.

If you want to grab one for using, then here are the sites for you to peek first.

-Cleaner Clothes @Amiami
-Cleaner Clothes @Cospa

-Asuna Cleaner Cloth @Amiami
-Kirito Cleaner Cloth @Amiami

-Gin Tachibana Cleaner Cloth @Amiami

-Index & Hyoka Cleaner Cloth @Amiami

 -Rider (Fate/Zero) Cleaner Cloth @Amiami

Depend on which sites you wish to grab those nice Cleaner Clothes with your Clean hand, plus the later list is what I posted the sample photo here, so it a reference, and there are many different nice pictures which you can peek over at the 2 sites. They cost at around 420 Yen, which is a good grabbing, but don't forget about the Shipping fee though.

And now let start with the main uses of the Cleaner Clothes; it is mainly use for cleaning off Screen on Hand held console or phone.

Some even used it for their Spectacle to clear off the dirt, finger mark or what ever on it.

They tend to clean off those nicely, which is way some uses it on the TV Screen, Keyboard and some other electronic device, which I had to admit that those Cleaner Cloth are just impressive.

I wonder if it was the Characters on those Cleaner Cloth defeated those Dirt and Mark though.

One thing they can't clean off is Scratch mark though, so don't expect them to help you on that.

There are so many thing those nice Cleaner Cloths can help to wipe clean not just Electronic Device only. Some big toy like Vehicle Car for the Window and Mirror, or your own self if you can't find a towel but managed to dig out a Cleaner Cloth.

Don't forget to thank the Anime Characters after using those Cleaner cloth, since they really help you to clean those stuffs, including or not you yourself.

But using those nice and pretty Cleaner Cloths just to wipe off Dirt and Mark might be a pity and dirty them. You can wash them, but they fade a bit over time after prolong usage.

So if you grabbed a few Cleaner Cloth and decided not to use them, then be a Cleaner Cloth Collector. Earning a Title of CCC isn't that bad, plus there aren't any much Collector for Cleaner Cloth in the first place.

The Anime Characters Set for some Series are not that easy to come by in the first place, and the design on those Item are really nice and impressive.

My Hat to Cospa for having nice Anime Goods in the first place, and Amiami is one of the best Retailers Site to peek on. But as I like to say, it depend on which site you wish to grab those Cleaner Cloths with.

Another uses for the Cleaner Cloth is just wiping off dirt or collecting a set of them. You can use them as your room decoration like how I display some Anime Bookmark / Keychain.

Those Anime Cleaner Cloths are of 13 cm by 18 cm, so they make good "Poster" on your room, which can increase your Otaku Room Level up a few.

So if any Screen, Mirror, Window is dirty and you can't find one Cleaner Cloth to use, just remember one thing; There is one which you put up as a poster and it's 24/7 ready to be used.

You can later wash it, dry it and later place it back to how it was, which is one good way to use a Cleaner Cloth. It isn't like you will be using those Cleaner Cloth everyday, so what so bad about using displaying it?

Well, you may also want to use them as Handkerchief or Little Blanket when Sleeping or napping, and I think those Anime Characters would love to keep you accompany you in the Dream Land.

With so many uses for the Cleaner Cloths from wiping Hand Phone Screen to your own body, Do you own one, or do you wanna grab one for future use?

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