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EverGreen (Manga)


Creator - Takemiya Yuyuko
(Same Creator as Toradora and Golden Time)

Drawer - Kasukabe Akira
(Same Creator / Drawer for Otokonoko wa Maid Fuku ga Osuki!? and Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden)

Series - Manga
Published in Dengeki Daioh Genesis, ASCII Media Works
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
More Info @Baka
Peek @Batoto

Story Plot start with Yoshimatsu Hotaka, the president of the Manga Club who always diligent with his Studies and Club Responsibilities.

Expect for being a Class Skipper, a very easy to be negative person with a very bad past misfortunes which been haunting him since young. Reason being was that he inherit the same illness as his Passed Father; a Weak Heart.

He was able to survive due to an emergency operation that was done to him, but the Long Straight Scar still remain on his chest which he afraid of showing to anyone.

He even think of way not to go for swimming test, though his Physical Edu. Teacher still want him to try, with some condition granted to him.

Despite all those thing, he still a normal boy who is also admire one of the girl from the swimming club, Awaya Nika, who is not just any cheerful, bright and beautiful Ace of the Swimming Club, but seem to be also the Idol of the School.

Hotaka been admiring her and looking at her for some times, but he didn't notice that She was doing the same back to him.

Funny thing is, Awaya was the mysterious person who been reading their Manga Club Magazine, which been just Hotaka's story essay.

What gotten her interested in Hotaka was that their background was almost the same, as they both once loved their father, but had lost them due to their passing.

That alone got Awaya notice at Hotaka, which he didn't aware and was very shy when she noticed him.

Interestingly, on the day when Hotaka was having his private Swimming Test, the Swimming Club just walked in much to the PE Teacher and Hotaka's Shock and dismay.

Well, after Hotaka managed to swim finish his lane, Awaya just jump right in and hug Hotaka, which shocked all the surrounding person who saw it, and that was the starting point for the both of them.

Strangely, Hotaka's classmate and friend, Soga who is very popular with the girls, want to have Awaya's affection. That what you can see from a playboy, but due to that, Awaya's bad rumor kick in where she use Hotaka to get close to Soga.

Turned out that Awaya got a bad temper herself, and a very dark side on top of that, which made her a possible Yandere Girlfriend.

Later on, both Awaya and Hotaka have their misunderstanding clear, and that Hotaka is happy and shy on his end when together with Awaya. But at the same time he also care for his Kouhai, "On-chan"

Well, there are some hint that Soga like On-chan, and the same way reverse, but On-chan is what you can say; a Serious Strict Person. And seem to be the only person who can control / restrict Soga.

At the same time, she is a sensitive person, which is why Hotaka take care of her like a little sister, but that seem to get on the bad side for Awaya.

In a strangely hint around the story, it seem that both Awaya and Hotaka had a long way back during their youth, which both Hotaka Grandmothers (from both parents' Side) had given the hints.

First from his mother's side is that Awaya's Name was said to be a coincidence, and later chapters  shown that Awaya visited Hotaka's father side Grandmother.

Well, seem like Time will reveal everything, though I would find it more interesting if the story plot twisted a little, but hopefully not too far-fetched like both of them are siblings or being betrothed to each other.

But it might turn out well.

In anyway, I really like the story plot which I started peeking and not knowing who was the Creator / Drawer in the first place.

But after checking it give me the shock, and not a good one but still I really like the story, and good thing is that the Art in this Manga good really great.

The Creator who created Toradora and Golden Time got a very interesting Romance Story plot and I really give my praise for such nice and interesting Story plot about the relationship between Hotaka and Awaya.

And though the Drawer got reputation for drawing Adult Manga, I still give him my praise for the Art, which look very nice, which you might notice on the details.

As far as I peeked, do you want to take a peek into a twisted Romance plot between Hotaka and Awaya in EverGreen?

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