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Mada's Figurine Report 8 October 2012

Let take another peek into this week Figurines, and to start it off, maybe some cute girls as your Imouto.

One got Imouto Fetish while other got her own Imouto, but interestingly, this 2 set of Standing Pose Version seem to look good together.

Though they don't really get along at first, but they both look very nice as Kirino wear her School Uniform while Kuroneko in her usual cosplaying Dress.

I do own 2 Kuroneko Figurines and I do hope to grab Kirino too, and it seem that both of the Figurines cost 6,460 Yen Each (12,920 Yen for both together).

Not bad for grabbing, but let peek into other cute girls too.

If we're going for the Magical Girls Group, Puella Magi Madoka Magica might be what you wanna peek into.

For a 5 girls group, I must said their power are very powerful, and I do peek into the Anime and Manga, though I find this one of the saddest Magical girls Anime/Manga around.

Even so, I like how the part where their Gem are their source of power, and at the same time being the source of their Evil after darkness or long usage of their Magical Power.

The Kyoko and Sayaka Figurines and Figma are good to grab, though it depend on the User whether if they want to grab and display the figurines.

Or to play with many different Pose and action with the Figma.

As for Madoka, the Real Action Hero is similar to Figma, but the only different is that she wearing real Clothing, and her joint is very different.

Her Ultimate Form also good great to display on any shelf, case or anywhere. Her Powerful Arrow is also ready to shoot out, and she is travelling in the Time and Space to save those Magical Girl before they change into Witches and become the fallen one.

Her wish to save all those Magical Girls is really a big sacrifice, but great since she can save all the girls and preventing the Witch, which in turn change the time-line again.

If you want some Magical Girl all grown up, maybe you can ask the Nanoha Trio, and they are in their Bunny Suit!

Finally Fate is up for Pre-Order which I did mentioned once that it was a matter of time.

FREEing never fail to activate my Sparkly Eyes, nor my expectation since this figurines cost at 13,490 Yen. But if one find it expensive, there are a few reason to it.

The Details in this figurines is very nice and scary Real looking, plus this is a 1/4 Scale which made this kind of big one to the collection once grabbed.

You can ask them to serve you, but remember they are very powerful Magical Girl though I might just get a Heart Attack right off the first turn of battle.

Want powerful and Strong but they must not be Magical Girls?

No problem, since there are many other girls who are pretty power, but let take a peek at the girls who use a Machine which Boy can't use it expect for one.

-Charlotte Dunois(Jersey) @Amiami
-Charlotte Dunois(Uniform) @Amiami
-Laura Bodewig (Maid) @Amiami

This 2 Roommate sure look very great, and they are one of the best pair together in the Infinite Stratos series. And Laura in her Maid uniform just look so cute while Charlottoe look very pretty in her Jersey.

They both can get very emotional since their face expression can be change very easily, but don't expect their clothes to be strippable.

Another Groups of powerful girls are from the Anime Series; Dogs Day.

Nendoroid @Amiami

They may look like wearing Animals' Ear, but they are part Human and Part Animal, though they are of normal race in their own world.

I really like this set of Cuteness for someone so pretty in her normal form. The 2 Princess (Kings) got their own Riding Bird where as Riccotta got her own Cannon to play with.

Be careful of them, they are very powerful.

There is another group of girls who all hold Sword / Katana, and they are very powerful, and they are the Female Samurai.

-Jubei Yagyu @Amiami
-Jubei Yagyu (Awaken) @Amiami
-Kenshin Uesugi @Amiami
-Momohime @Amiami

Despite all from different series, what very amazing about them is how they wield their Katana.

Maybe I can get a few seconds stun by looking Jubei Yagyu, but both Kenshin and Momohime are pretty swift and powerful too.

Very interesting is that Kenshin is a male general but they decided to cross-gender this characters, and to think that this figurines can strip her clothings.

Momohime may be a princess, but when she wielding a very powerful Katana. I like how these Figurines Pose, as if they are ready to strike down any foe that come near them.

Another type of girls very dangerous is when they are very cute. Though I remember reading one Manga when this Magical Boy's Mum saying that Cuteness is Justice.

-Nadeko Sengoku @Amiami
-Erio Towa @Amiami

Nadeko is pretty dangerous herself, even if I belong to the Snake Zodiac. And her Cuteness is to drop anyone guard down so that she can strike them.

Erio Towa is very harmless, but her thinking is very dangerous. Even her Cousin wasn't sure how to handle her at first.

They both sure are very cute with secret hidden.

Again before closing off this Week Figurines peeking, let peek at some Girl in Swimsuit.

They are Pretty and Dangerous, so be careful if you decided to cross some lines with them.

All 3 of them also wield very powerful weapons, but when they are in their Swimsuits, their dangerous body curve can stun any guys for 5 Secs.

Well, not for Haruna, but because I don't want to get kick by Mystletainn, so just get stun to let her be happy for that moment. Run for your life right after that, or that chainsaw is going to be a painful one.

One will need to choose between Kanu or Nanoha since both are very good, look nice and cost the same at 6,030 Yen, or one can just grab both of them.

As far as I Peeked, any Powerful, Cute and/or Dangerous Girls activated your Sparkly Eye yet?

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