Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 21 October 2012

Sure been a Hot Morning with a Rainy Afternoon for past few days, and still my stomach still not feeling well even though it still eating well.

Anyway, with a few chapters up for the new Season of the Anime, I will need to be peeking and doing some posts, and at the same time, I will be doing some Anime which were finished on their Season.

Even so, there are few Series which are on their Second / third Season and still looking great for their Starting Episode.

As much I as like to get all Sparkly Eye been activated, I need to take some rest for a well since the Energy needed to activate it is a lot.

 But let take a peek for this week posts.

Gaming Progress
Gaming Progress for Guild Wars 2

Koaka Head

Figurine Report
Mada's Figurines Report 15 October 2012
Mada's Figurines Report 16 October 2012

Anime Goods Report
Mada's Anime Goods Report on Coaster

I still playing Guild War 2 a lot, though I still Figurine Peeking each week. There are even few Manga which got me Sparkly Eye Activated and I still want to play more games.

But I do need to set them aside and go for Anime Peeking for a while now. There are so many interesting Series which I really like to peek first.

I also need to go for some Walking Session myself, and to think that I go and having some Touching, Peeking and Gaming around. Still I like to play Games, watch Manga and Anime and only to realize I forgotten about the Time being so late.

As for now, time for some relaxation before a new week start.
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