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Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu


Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu
This Girlfriend Is a Fiction

Creator - Watanabe Shizumu

Series - Manga
Published in Weekly Shonen Magazine Kodansha
4 Volumes [Completed]
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Story plot started with Hamura Yuuri, a naive first year who since young didn't have much or any friend, but one; a frictional girlfriend.

For 10 whole years he been created, adding in new traits and modifying the Ideal Dream Girl he ever wanted, until finally he gotten love in first sight over his senpai, Kuzumi Fuuko.

Both being in the same Literature Club, but strangely they are also drawing Manga at the same time for that club. And the Club President also give praise to Yuuri for his creation.

Even Fuuko is the only one who notice that Yuuri been written a lot as he got a "writing hand". Well, Yuuri also take note of every thing about Fuuko, even when she give an unnoticeable Sighing Face Expression.

When Fuuko ask about what Yuuri been writing all this time, he run off with a bad excuse as what he been writing is a Secret hobby.

Amazingly for an Ideal Girl he created and modify over the past 10 years, he had drawn Michiru in many different style, and he had added in many different traits after watching different Manga / Anime, which influential Yuuri into adding those into Michiru.

Traits including Amazingly Strength when initially she was suppose to be weak and frail, and also she can shoot laser beam out of her eye. Also during his youth of into Ecchi style, he ensure that Michiru wear naked Apron when cooking and other weird traits.

But because he decided to go back to reality, he decided to purify and burn those notebook and drawing of Michiru at the Shrine, but he find an unexpected surprise at that shrine.

Fuuko was also at the shrine and before both can talk much, it rain and a storm strangely appear. But during the rain, Fuuko admit to Yuuri that she had never experience love before and was unable to write anything about Love. That was the reason why she was feeling down which it seem like Yuuri was the only one who notice, much to Fuuko's surprise.

After hearing Fuuko's, Yuuri decided to confess to her and at the same show her about the frictional girlfriend he created, the strange Storm suddenly became powerful and some unknown power go into the Notebook and drawing of Michiru.

And out appear a Naked Girl which show both Fuuko and Yuuri, though Fuuko mistaken it as a Yuuri's fetish.

Well, some stuffs happened in between and at least some misunderstanding was settle between him and Fuuko, but for some strange reason, it also seem that Fuuko had taken notice of Yuuri too much that she did get jealous very easily when it come to Yuuri.

Even funny thing is that she misunderstood Yuuri very fast, but get embarrassed when knowing the truth and gotten in love with him.

But Michiru not going to get that down, since she only want Yuuri to look at her and only her, and she is very keen in killing the one who "Stolen" Yuuri from her.

Well, Yuuri regretted not adding the traits that Michiru do not kill anyone, or she value other person's Life / Live too.

But Yuuri can't admit that the girl he love was Fuuko, and the best part is that Michiru even transfer to their school as she want to kill the person who got Yuuri away from her.

Well, Yuuri's life and decision are going to make a big changes to his Life.

Not bad for a Manga Peeking, which the story plot got me interested in peeking this Manga, and I like how the story go, until I notice that the story ended with 4 Volumes, but the ending still not bad. Online yet to finish the whole series though.

I'm sure there are some who created Character very good, to the point of having them being modify over the time, and I even got a few characters I created over my End. My drawing not that good though.

Well as far as I Peeked, do you have any Frictional Ideal Friends which come to life due to God's blessing in Kono Kanojo wa Fiction desu?

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