Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Aqua Pazza


Developed by Examu
Published by AquaPlus

-PlayStation 3
[2-on-2 2D Fighthing Game]

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(Credits - Photo-Taken from Wikia and Home Site)

Looking for Anime Characters in an Classic 2D Fighting Game, you can consider grabbing this and see how Characters from to-Heart Series fight, which I give my praise to the Creator for even though of those Crazy and Funny Skills for each Characters.

Pretty much said from the Title, it a Dream Match of which many characters from AquaPlus Titles coming to fight it out in an 2 on 2 Match.

Title include To Heart Series, Utawarerumono and Tears to Tiara, all of which I like to peek into their Anime before.

I can understand about the latter 2 Series as the characters seem like Fighters to me, but what got me wondering was on the To Heart Series Girl, and I was shocked and laughed at the same time when I saw one girl summon a row of Tall Library Book Shelf and push it to let them collapse on her opponent.

I wonder why many school Girls seem to be so powerful.

But as to how this Cross World Fighting Game about, one can play go into the Story Mode and see how the Route start from, though I might have a problem on that, since I don't understand Japanese, which can get me wonder what is happening.

But on other hands, it not bad for a game to play with friends for the PvP Mode, and one can challenge other On-line.

Don't think only Otaku for those Anime will play this game, there are some Fans who like this game, and I really give my hat to them for playing this very powerfully and professionally.

As for now? I play for the Story and the fun out of it.

Interestingly for this Fighting game, there is an unique pointers where the Characters' Emotional Mood can affect the Power Strength or Defense Durability someway or another. If in a very good or happy Mood, the power increase, and if in a sad or bad Mood, then the opponent can break one defense very easily.

Also, one must have a partner to fight with, which made this game a 2-on-2. Initially I though it as a normal 1-on-1 Fighting, but the Tag partner can help out in many ways, depend on how you use it.

If you're used to Arcade Style Controller for playing 2-D fighting game, you can considering grabbing this controller which cost around 20,000 Yen Rounded, which is kind of hurtful for some Wallet.

At least you can practice and hone your skills even at home, and you don't need to insert any coins when you encounter the "Continue?" page.

As far as I peeked, do you want to see Anime Characters Cross World and fight it out in Aqua Pazza - AquaPlus Dream Match?

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