Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 14 October 2012

Oh.. Tomorrow is Monday and I might need to get dragged to Work, but I still work today even it suppose to be my day off.

Ok, unexpected weather for this few days in weather which can easily get anyone sick and that including my Okaasan and Imouto. For me, I been drinking water and taking care of myself, but it just a matter of time before it become my turn.

My heart was very weak in the morning since I need to work, but when it come to Manga, Anime and Games, my heart strangely become a bit better.

I still need to take a Napping Session when my Sparkly Eye become tired. And the Raining in the Afternoon just made the best napping period.

Weather in Singapore, can become Hot and then Rain to cool the weather, even an Metal Ball get heated up and then suddenly get cold will break. Less along for humans which hold many Metal based on Sciences.

This week got 4 Short Manga to peek, and 2 of them were completed based off information in Baka-Updates.

Get the first letter from the title above and you get "S.K.I.T"!!

Wow, even I amazed at my Manga Peeking and I really didn't know until I posted that. Well anyway, there are many new Anime Season / Series, which I didn't choose to post that fast is to check on my preferences. 

And it best to peek at least a few chapters /episode to know more the Story plots, ways and how the flow go before going to blog a bit on that. This way, one can have a view more on that Series, for the Manga, Anime or even Light Novel.

I do peek into some of the Light Novel before I post a bit, like Seirei Tsukai no Kenbu and Madan no Ou to Senki, which both are hardly being notice by.

Even I peeked into Sword Art Online way before it Anime and even the later series; Accel World.

Just have something that can activate my Sparkly Eye, and I will peek into it if there is a Light Novel for it, Manga / Anime if it is other way around.

And that the same for Figurine / Anime Goods Peeking for this week.

If you did the same by viewing my posts, thank you for your support for just peeking too. Well, I do prefer grabbing Straps since it more portable and very usable.

Figurines wise is not that portable when one need to take it around for Photo-Taking. Still it depend on one decision since there are so many different nice figurines which I want to grab with.

I do need to find the right Otaku Box for myself one of this days, since it very easy to carry around and having what you need right away.

As for now, time for more Anime and Manga Peeking again to get my Sparkly Eye sparking non-stop!

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