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Mada's Figurines Report 22 October 2012

Did I get a bad start off on Monday today myself, and to top it up with my Stomach upset, I can't sit properly.

But that doesn't stop me from Figurines Peeking again for this week, though I will be Anime Peeking too, so let get started for this week Figurine Report.

First off the bat let peek at one of my Favor Series.

Capsule Q Fraulein Fate/Zero BOX @Amiami

For a collection Set Box at 7,200 Yen over Amiami, I would say that this is not bad for a Clean Hand Grabbing, though there will be a Saber Twins; One in her Armor and another in Suit.

For Fate Series Fans / Lovers, this is one of the collection set box which you may grab and display them on your desk, or anywhere you can think off. I do like Fate series myself that I did grab the Manga Series and some figurines from the Fate Series, including the Saber from Fate/Extra.

I must say that for Figurines like this collection set being at 110 mm- 115mm, they sure have very nice pose, and like I said before, very good to display on your desk. I wonder if all of them are feeling cold or what.

In anyway, there is another elegant girl who also pose very nicely, and she is doing some Fan Service.

Kanade Suzutsuki @Amiami

I really like the series Mayo Chiki that I watch it a few times and her "Butler" Subaru will be joining her at a later Flight, so you can just pre-order this first if you want to have another collection.

Kanade sure know how to give her fans a big services to their Peeking Eye, and if you notice, her front reveal her Oppai Curving, with a topping of lifting up her Skirt to reveal bit of her bottom.

She is very kind that she help to improve the Peeker's Eye, since it very healthy, but too much of it can cause some side effect like Nose Bleeding or High Blood Pressure.

For someone being the Sadist in the groups, her Face Expression sure never stop smiling.

There is another set of Collection which is nice for Clean hands Grabbing, but at the same time, a big hit to the Wallet.

Strike Witches 2 Figurines @Amiami

They cost around 6,000 Yen to 7,000 Yen, so with around 9 of them, the Figure sure hit big, which is why they are Figurines.

Just kidding on that, since there are cheaper figurines but anyway, most of the other set of collection were sold out, why shown that are Collectors out there in this World.

And there go for Strike Witch Fans and Lovers.

In anyway, this set of girls do know how to have their Pose done, with some of them ready to strike anyone down.

Wearing Cute clothes, having Animal Ear and yet holding Dangerous Weapons in hand. That is just so Unfair to the point that I salute the Creator for making the Strike Witch Series.

You can't expect them to fly around after grabbing them, but what surprised me about this set of figurines is that their Base Stand make them seem as if they are floating, if not for the "Stick"

In anyway, the Sculptor sure know how to make them look great for a figurine, and there are a few which activated my Sparkly Eye.

If you want some cute and small girl with Mecha or Dangerous Weapons, maybe this might interest you.

Combat-san @Amiami

This Figurines is really one of those 1/1 Scale figurines, though it just 10 cm in height.

Really handful since they fit right in the Palm but having a few of them do help and look great.

You can also use this to troll other that you own a 1/1 Scale Figurine. But that is not all when you own some of them.

They can help you to exterminate those Insects in your house, and I do want to grab one of them, since I hate bugs myself.

Ok, maybe we need to relax and change of pace, so maybe some normal school girl before I go into Girls in swimsuit, but some of them are dangerous too.

Ginbee Haruomi Sawatari @Amiami

Well, I do need to peek into this Anime myself, but what i can say is that; She one rich girl for someone being taught as a boy.

For some strange Reason, I like this type of character, plus she wearing love sleeve Jacket. But in anyway, she is one kind girl to change the pace of having too many Dangerous Girls which I been peeking in the Figurines Section.

But sometime telling there is more to her.

Now time on to the Girl in Swimsuit!!

Kuroneko @Amiami

Right in the First line, Kuroneko, but the reason why I place her is that she is very Nice with that blush Face Expression, and she is a "Normal" person.

The latter are mostly Dangerous, in their own style or sense.

Either way, due to weather not good for past few days, I wonder why Kuroneko still strip to her Swimsuit and ready to take a sip in the Swimming pool somewhere.

She wearing very nice Swimsuit, and with that nice Face Expression, it no wonder she get Sold out over at Amiami so fast for a Pre-order.

She may be a normal girl, but she dangerous when she go into her Mad Scientist Mode.

Rika Shiguma @Amiami

She also got her Pervert Mode too, but in anyway, it not always you get to see any Girl in Swimsuit and still wearing Lab Coat with it.

She can remove her Glasses but not her Coat though.

In anyway, The yellow and white combination sure look great on her, and if she can let her hair down, then maybe she might look more mature.

But she not the only one who going to take a dip.

This Collection might get your Sparkly Eye activated, cos Sena just look so great.

All of them so great with their own Pose, and Sena is sure love by many other, but beware of the last one in the list, Yukimura is a boy who Cross Dress so perfectly that He look like a girl instead.

I wonder why the Creator don't just change him into a girl like one of the supporting characters from Asu no Yoichi.

Last group of Collection, girls from Toaru Majutsu no Index.

-Mikoto Misaka
-Last Order
-Mikoto Sister

I really think many should Salute WAVE, for creating the Beach Queens Series, which create many Anime girls in Swimsuit.

And they all just look so great, that there are some Boy who crossdressed are including in them.

So, far yet to see any Male in Swimwear / Trunk yet, but it might be just a matter of time before they decide to include them in.

Well, I do own a few girls in swimsuit myself, and having Mikoto and Kuroko figurines.

They all look so cheerful, expect for Mikoto Sister though you might never know because she only got the face expression no matter what.

I find it amusing when she can still have that face expression and replying to other characters saying whether she is happy or sad.

Last Order Mikoto will reply and show her expression though, which you can just grab both since both are in Blue / White Strip Swimsuit.

Not even one month of my last Figurine report on Collection, but having just one Figurines is also enough to put it as a collection. There are some who don't or yet to buy Figurines.

As far as I peeked, Do you like to have a collection of Figurines?

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