Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Straps

One of the greatest things which one will talk about when it comes to Anime Goods is the Straps.

Yes, a Straps which can be used in many different ways which I might list out of a few uses for it. And what so specials about is that it got many different characters on them.

Peek Straps over @Amiami
Check out @Cospa

There are many different varies ranging from it designs to the Characters on the Straps. If there is your favorite characters on it, then you might want to grab one over.

I do own a few Straps myself, which Hatsune Miku being the most, since when I start collecting some of the Straps, she was first in my list.

The design on the Straps itself is very nice, and one can use it over their Cell-Phone / Iphone / Hand Phone, or whatever Phone you can think off.

If you can place it over it over the phone used at house, even better.

Initially, it was use for easy to grab hold of the Hand-Held Phone, and at the same time being a Decoration for the Phone.

With so many different straps being released each time, just peeking over the lists at Amiami got me not only Sparkly Eye Activated, but getting my brain all mess up to the different designs, characters and amounts for that Set of Characters /Anime Series Set.

I had own and throw away a few due to it reaching it Age, and at first I got a handful of Gundam Design Straps, till now will Hatsune Miku being that Handful now.

What I do is not to remove their Protective Sealed Barrier away and then hooked them over my Wardrobe and Bookshelf as Decoration. This is one ways to liken up the room, and a very cheap ways of increasing your Otaku Room Level.

Similar and at the same time different from Key Chains, they are mostly placed over Phone instead of placing as decoration at home. Plus it can be placed over Hand-Held Console like PSP, PS Vita and Nintendo DS Series.

Again, it is used for easy grabbing and decoration, though there are some which come along with the Screen Wiper. At least you need to take out some Tissue Paper or Clothes out of no where and wide the Dirt or Duct over your Screen.

There are some who use Straps as a Key Chains, since I did mentioned it for easy grabbing, and the characters over the Straps can help you to keep guard over your keys, so you will feel safe not losing your keys easily.

If you tend to lose your keys, best ways is have a strap on it and tie a rope / string to yourself too.

Straps can also be place and tie over Bags as accessory decoration too, which give more experience points over to Otaku Bags Level.

Even Wallets, Pencil Case and some other stuff you can think off.

Just that you need to tie the strap to it, but once you place it and take another look at the Bags, Wallets, Pencils Case, it will have a different aura to it.

If you're going for the extreme, you can even considering tying one Strap or two to your Glasses (if you wearing one), or loop it over your Ear to let it seem like you are wearing a Strap Earring.

Placing it as Wall decoration like how I did to my Wardrobe / Bookshelf is just common, in some way.

They are very cheap to grab too, but your wallet will still take a big hit when you Mass Grabbing. Well, you can be a Straps Collector if you did that.

There are indeed many different varies of straps which can be collected and not using them at all.

As far as I Peeked, do you own a Strap?

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