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Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukuri kata!
The proper way to grow perfect children

Creator - Morita Mario

Series - Manga
Drawn by Kuroda Takayoshi
Published in Shounen Sunday, Shogakukan
13 Chapters so Far [Ongoing]

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Story Plot Start with the future being infected with a Virus of Death which threaten the Humanity, and in order to prevent that, Raito travel back to the past in hope to prevent the very root of the Virus.

Very interestingly, the Virus still from Tanaka Yuu, an easily Shy person who not good around with anyone, expect for his childhood Friend and Crush, Takane Kyouko.

Unlike Yuu in many ways, Kyouko is an outgoing, bright and good at sports, and she is very popular. Due to their Personality, Yuu didn't dare to go near with her and even want to go to school alone.

They did promised each other that they will get marry when they were kids, but Yuu didn't notice that Yuu is looking out for him too.

But what going to change his life is when he received a Love Letter from someone else.

Initially very delusion about it, and afraid being a prank by other boys, Yuu went and take a peek and was shocked to know that he was going to be confessed with, and the confessing girl even want to born his children right away.

Strangely, He thought of Kyouko in that situation.

Before anything happen, well the girl did strip herself, Raito appear and stop the girl by giving her a little shock.

Also, Raito explained his reason for appearing in front of Yuu, to make sure that Yuu will confess to Kyouko and born a child with her only, and not any other girls.

The reason is very simple, the Virus start when Yuu having a child born from another girl, and that where the Future Virus of Death appear and destroy the humanity.

But Raito explained that Kyouko and Yuu can prevent that by marry to each other, and their child will be normal. This can also change the Future Raito come from.

Another way to prevent the Future Virus from starting is to just kill Yuu himself, which Raito is very keen on.

To help Yuu, Raito not only need to ensure that the relationship between Yuu and Kyouko is good, he also need to stop the other group who started all the problem in the future; AshVinn.

Assassin are out to kill Raito and to ensure that Yuu born a child with another Girl expect Kyouko. Simple Reason, if Yuu don't, they will have no Virus of Death in Future, and there will be no AshVinn.

They are a company who profit and make use of the Virus to take over Humanity. The Company even have Human Experiment to have Ability User who go around and kill innocent people, or Rebel.

Raito's Mum is one of them.

One of the Assassin got Mind Control who been making sure that Yuu to be attacked with Girls and to born his child.

Interesting, each time Yuu get misunderstood at the end with Kyouko, but good thing is that they clear that air in later chapters.

I had a good laugh when the Mind Controller make a deal with Yuu that he can have all the girl he want if he can produce the child with the virus, and Yuu seem to agree with him at first.

Well, not bad for an exaggerating Story plot which no one would believe, but Yuu's life did change in many ways.

And I been wondering if Living inside other person's Wardrobe is the latest Trend, I know there are many other characters who can make Space with some Magic or whatever.

I will hit my head against the wall if there someone living inside My own Wardrobe.

The story plot is also moving a normal pace, and introducing the AshVinn Assassin slowly, and revealing their motive is sure interesting when I peek at how they work together, but doing things differently, and taking Yuu's Gene is also another ways to start the Virus too.

Problem is that Raito need to stop them while making sure that Yuu only raise the Kyouko's Flag and no other girl else. Biggest Problem ever is not Kyouko but Yuu himself due to his own personality and thinking.

As Far as I peeked, do you want help Raito to stop the Virus and change the Future in Tadashii Kodomo no Tsukurikata!

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