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Mada's Figurines Report 1 October 2012

First time did a Figurine peeking over at Singapore General Hospital, while at the same time taking care of my grandmother.

Even though she just been discharged, I would wonder if she need a maid to help her with the house chores, and maybe being her bodyguard at the same time.

Unchou Kanu (Maid ver.) @Amiami

Kanu do seen like someone liable to be a maid, and at the same time being. Very good and beautiful bodyguard.

Her weapon is not just for show only, though it strangely look good on her with her maid uniform.

One can get strike out with her, and her beauty can let any guy staring at her, which lower their guard.

What to expect when she wearing such sexy and revealing maid costume, which made me wonder what material is it made of.

The front view look great, which my praise to the sculptor. Even her hair look very nice.

Also, If there is a demon, I won't mind making a deal with it.

Lucifer Arrogant Statue @Amiami

What I find it amazing is just how nice and cool can Lucifer of the 7 Deadly Sin be.

Well, Lucifer is well known for being a Fallen Angel and becoming a demon, and one of the Prince of hell who represent the Sin of Pride.

By placing those pointers in, I can see just how nice this figurine is. The white dress with some nice detail feather and wing which point out that she was once an Angel, and the horns reminding us that she is also a demon too.

Even if she is very prideful, using of the word "arrogant" also seem good, and my praise to the sculptor for making the right Face Expression for her.

Another good thing for this figurine is that you can remove parts of her armor to see her nice body.

But remember one thing, she pretty dangerous for a demon.

If you wish not for a demon, ensure you got a glass shoe with you, and make sure you got her right size.

Glass Shoes and Cinderella @Amiami
-Gold Crown Version
-Platinum Crown Version

First thing come to my mind when I read the word "Cinderella", a mistreated girl and her glass show.

But what this figurine wear shocked me and made me think of her as a goddess instead.

Look very carefree for someone wearing very less and thin cloth, and she both of her glass shoe with her.

She got her tiara nicely on her head top.

Another interesting while I was Figurine Peeking over at Amiami site, there was a lot of chibi cute figurine / nendoroid being showcase.

Kallen Kouzuki (chibi-arts) @Amiami

First off, kallen in her rebellion uniform. Even though my kallen dakimakura is very huggable, this little figurine seem to be seem a handful indeed.

But what got me Sparkly Eye Activated is there seen to be a bicycle looking seat for her to ride on, though she not going to move anywhere.

A very cute and dangerous girl. Oh! And beware of her gun too.

But kallen not the only chibi figurine around who is dangerous at the same time.

Both Tsubasa and Hibiki figma version previously catch my eye, but the Nendoroid version just look so cute, nice and funny.

Hibiki Tachibana @Amiami
-Figma Version
-Nendoroid Version

Tsubasa Kazanari @Amiami

-Figma Version
-Nendoroid Version

Did made me wanna grab it with my clean hands, but when they took out their swords, I then remember that they are pretty powerful too.

Hibiki "Black Face Expression" never fail to catch my eye, which is pretty funny for me, but very scary for the Victims.

I was shocked over Tsubasa blood tears though, even though it's an interesting face expression.

What can I say? Small and cute figurines tend to be a handful since they are around the size of your palm. But they can strangely put a smile on their master.

There are some Grabbers who prefer Figma more than Nendoroid, due to many different reason.

Even I grabbed both Black Rock Shooters (Anime Version) Figma and Version to try out what the main different between them.

Well, Figma can do more action, while Nendoroid got it own limited sets of "Spare Parts" and Movement set.

Also with so many series just ended for their season, Accel world still pretty much interesting and you can consider peeking into it Light Novel version to know what happen after the latest Arc ended for it season.

Though her Figma and Nendoroid version also can be a handful, I must say the pig on she hugging seem to enjoying that hug a lot.

Kuroyukihime @Amiami

Jealous? Then you may choose to remove him away.

What got me really Sparkly Eye Activated for this figurine is actually the wings first.

But there still praise for the nice base stand which also got my eye.

Also, the position that Kuroyukihime is posing look great with / without the pig. Even the Hair and Dress detail cannot be overlook.

Don't forget one thing, She's a level 9 Black King in Accel World whom many fear of her name, though she got her followers who all not afraid of her bit respect her instead.

Just like her Cerulean mode catch my eye and got my Sparkly Eye Activated during one of my Walking session over at Latendo, this Crimson Mode also activate my Sparkly Eye.

Shining Blade - Sakuya @Amiami
-Cerulean Mode
-Crimson Mode

I really like the blue color which seem very cool and nice. Plus her staff and cards mix well with her pose.

Well, it based on the original Arts, but this Crimson really hit off nicely and her Crimson Sword seem able to take N Army out with a strike.

Got sold out pretty fast and her Crimson dress is very short, but it for her mobility reason. Also, though it cost more than it Cerulean Mode, it is due to being 1/6 Scale, as the previous one is 1/8 Scale.

But that beside the point, and alao the selling point which made me really want to grab her is; She is in Twin Tail Mode!!

Well, I like her Pony Tail too.

Before I close off today Figurine Report, there is a girl in swimsuit that caught my eye, even though many figurines are being release since it the start of October today.

Konoe Tsuruma (Swimsuit ver.) @Amiami

I actually and honestly is shocked when I notice at her Body Curve, which made me wonder how can her Body fat all go from her Stomach to her Chest.

One may say that Konoe got a prefect Body for her age. Plus I also wonder why she like Creme Puffs and not getting fat.

One bite for me and that is!

Maybe different people have different body genre. Or one can just say "Light Novel / Manga / Anime" Logic. But even so, there are real people who is almost the same as Konoe. The Swimsuit Version seem overkill for that body curve and a cost of 5,670 Yen.

As far as I peeked for this week on Figurines, any figurines got your Sparkly Eye Activated with their Dangerous Weapons / Body?

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