Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Coaster

Another interesting Anime Goods which one need when they need to place their glass of drinks on top is the Coaster, and some of them are PVC or Rubber.

Coaster @Amiami

They are very very useful in many different ways, and if you are wondering how to use one, then continue to read on, as I will reveal some ways of using them.

First off, they are Coasters, so when you need to place your cup, glass or any thing on top, you'll need a coaster.

They will help to safeguard your drinks, or whatever you placing on them, and maybe they might use their Magic to enrich the taste of your drinks, even if it just plain water.

Sometime I wonder how do they make such nice Coaster to place drinks on top of them, and if you really gotten your Clean hands on one or more of them, and wishing or wanting to use them as Coaster, then there are many ways of using them.

Like what I always do to my Anime Goods; hang, paste or stick them to the Wall, Furniture or anywhere you want, or can think of.

I might just keep them in a plastic wrapping and paste them to the Wall, or my Wardrobe to increase their Otaku Value Level.

Their designs are really nice, which I think it a good way to use them as decoration, then using it. But you can still use them if you like.

You can even paste them at the front or window and show to other passerby, or even the window of your vehicle if you have / want.

But please restrict yourself when pasting those coasters to your vehicle window. Paste too much and you can't see where you driving too, even though your Vehicle Otaku Value increases a lot. Remember; Safety in Driving is very important.

Decoration or Using it consider too plain?

Then consider using them as replacement for Shuriken, and imagine yourself as a Ninja!

There are some which are made of PVC, which can be very damaging when shot out, so please restrict on anyhow throwing them as shuriken, unless you can spare those Coaster or the target really deserve a beating.

Either way, I wouldn't mind if you throw them as me! I would love to keep them myself if they are of Characters from Anime.

Interestingly, there are some Coaster which can be use as a Keychain, and don't laugh at it size being too big.

I give my praise to those who even thought up that idea, because you can being those coaster and write them off as Keychain. You'll never know when you might use them when you order some Drinks.

Or maybe use it as a Shuriken in case of emergency which require that very shot.

In anyway, a coaster is very useful, and important once you master all the usage of my lesson. You might even discover some other usage which I never even list them.

Such as pasting them to your Wallet or Bags or wear it as your mask or earring if you can. There are just so many which a coaster can be use, it just depend on how do you go about on using it.

As far as I Peeked, do you own a Coaster?

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