Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Napping around and about

Tuesday start with a very bad day, and it really bad for me in some ways.

At the least I should be able to do some other stuffs for a short time being, and that is Anime Peeking which some I still currently yet to peek.

Even so, Should be able to peek at some latest one, and I will be starting out with those which of on their second season.

There just too many interesting Anime which got me Sparkly Eye and Concentration Eye Activated and due to prolong usage of both eyes, I need to nap a lot to rest them.

And I even stop playing guild wars 2 for one day and I can dream myself playing it.

Created 2 more Characters next to my Thief, though I been doing some level before I place them out for showcasing. And maybe some video with my friend when we got the time for it.

My Sister also do want to play the games since it really fun, but due to homework given by her Teachers, she really laze around to relax.

My Mother constant watching of Korean Drama also got her Sparkly Eye Activated, even when she got Homework which is more urgent.

And to think that my Hair gotten bit long, which I went to take a short Haircut. Wonder if my long fringe gotten on my Dad's nerve which earn me a very bad nagging from him.

In any sense, I would still go for the haircut since the weather is really not very good, from too hot to too cold, and for now my Stomach is getting better after taking in some Holy Poison Pills.

Amazingly I still survived it when I was kind of hoping if I would die from it.

I did mentioned about Anime Peeking Session along with Cleaning Session, so best to ensure my room is so clean that when I Anime Peeking, it would be very refreshing.

My mother been saying my room is very dark and warm, which made me wonder if my Hiding Spot got upgraded into Hell Entrance.

Just kidding.

As much as I like to Peek and chat, I will need to relax a while before I back to Anime Peeking.

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