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Akuma no Ikenie

Akuma no Ikenie
Devil's Sacrifice

Creator - Tachibana Ayun

Series - Manga
Published in Young Ace, Kadokawa
3 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Story plot start with Kurai Hajime, living with the twins sister of the shrine, Komatsu Inori and Komatsu Kanau.

Let get right to the important part and spoiler a bit, since the first chapter don't really cover a lot and I did grab the books to peek myself.

Hajime is actually a reincarnate of the Archangel Metatron and many devils are after him for his blood, power, and later on reveal by other devils, to prevent the salvation of the human race.

Interestingly, Lucifer and Satan share 1 body, so sometime both switch body and thinking of taking Hajime at once, while other want to corrupt Hajime first instead.

Later on, more and more powerful devil like Leviathan, Behemoth started to appear.

The devil themselves got their own life to live too, like Leviathan wanting to have Friends, or one wanting to play game. I reading the Chinese writing, so can't make much head or tail on the name yet.

But interesting, Lucifer want to corrupt thinking, and letting Hajime mature until the right time before taking him, while Satan just want to go one shot.

Satan is somewhat hot-headed without thinking, while Lucifer is calm and she got Angel Wing which prove that she is the Fallen Angel.

I wonder why there one devil who want to just sexually take Hajime, which Lucifer find no problem as long as Hajime fallen to the dark side. She even play trick with the Komatsu twins too.

Most of her plan yet to success though, and Satan tend to get in her ways too. But Inori able to stop Satan with her Rosario.

What I can confirmed is that the Creator made use of the 7 Sins and the 7 Prince of Hell, but the fusion of Lucifer and Satan sure made an interesting combo, with their body transforming.

Lucifer lose to Satan in their body; Satan is big breast while Lucifer claimed her is just small.

Their hair color change too, but both are able to communication though their mind. Their Wings also depend who is in control. Lucifer is Angel Wing, while Satan is the Devil Wing.

As for Hajime, he got a Hell out of a problem, as the 7 Prince of Hell is turned out to be Princess in this story, and him being the Archangel so he can led the Human Race to Salvation is something not to be overlooked.

Even the first chapter where a devil just pop out of nowhere when Inori was telling the other that both God and Devil exist, was kind of changing the pace at a weird angle.

But still interesting to peek on, and I find it funny when they are all enjoying Hanami. There a reason why there is an Age limit for Alcohol drinks, and same go for this Manga since it did mention the book I grab that this is unsuitable for the young.

Pretty much still able to peek on, but as far as I peeked, do you want to take a peek into World where Devil and Angel existing and living as normal human in Akuma no Ikenie?
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