Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Peeking at Food Erasers

Just in case you're wondering what I'll be doing for a short while, this it it.

Grabbed some Food Erasers from the Night Walking Session, and I thinks Miku and Black Rock Shooter wanna take a bite out of their food.

Was kind of worries about the Size, but due to it colorful and good design, I would say it pass.

If those Big Plastic Food which Mr Danny Choo Post is tasty looking, I would say that those Small Erasers Food would suit for Figurines.

Very Cheap, 90 Cents per Eraser which can be grab at Arts Friends for Singaporean, not sure for other though. And it seem like this is made in Japan.

Went and notice this during one of my Walking Session, and I was tempting to grab a few, and taking a few photo with my Figma before posting them online.

Since I grabbed some, I will be posting a few up, but due to not enough batteries, I need to go out and grab some. My Camera run on 2 AA Batteries, but it running good for taking pictures.

Another Problem is, I need a Table and some Chairs for my Figurines to sit down and bite on their Tasty Food. I'd grab a lot of different Tasty Bites for Miku, Luka and BRS.

I did went for some Night Bite with my Imouto and her friend over at Ajisen, and we did order a few nice Tasty Bites, and of course sharing around.

Don't seem to have any interesting PS3 Games, now that I noticed, but there are some nice PS Vita games instead, like Project Diva.

I still playing the PSP Project Diva, and sometime Arcade version.

As for now, time for some Manga Peeking.
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