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C³ | C3 | C Cube
Cube x Cursed x Curious

Creator - Hazuki Minase


Light Novel
Drawn by Sasorigatame
Published by ASCII Media Works
14 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Drawn by Tsukako Akina
Published in Dengeki Daioh, ASCII Media Works
2 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Directed by Shin Onuma
Plot by Michiko Yokote
Studio - Sliver Link
12 Episodes + 1 OVA [Completed]
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Story Plot started off with a delivered Black Cube Box sent to Haruaki Yachi from his Dad.

His Dad like to sent him Random Cursed Artifacts to be "purified" since Haruaki is immune to all curse.

Unable to solve what is about the Cube, he placed it in the storeroom, though that same night he encountered a Naked Rice Crackers Female Thief, who actually is the Black Cube.

A Cursed Tools exposed to too much Hatred and Negative Energy, it will gain a consciousness, and it been hinted that most gain a human-like body, though they are "Naked" since they don't wear clothes when in "Tool-Mode"

However there are other Cursed Tools used by other, though they're either yet to have a consciousness or have a body.

Haruaki explained that as Cursed Tools are created due to Negative Energy by/form their previous Master/User, they also can be "Purified" by making use of Positive Energy.

Happiness and doing good deeds are one example, and it also seem that hanging out with Good people also have some effects too.

The Black Cube Girl, Fear Cubrick, whom family name created by Haruaki's Dad, is known as "Fear in Cube".

A Cube device containing 32 Terrible Torturing/Executing Machine like Iron Maiden or the Beheading Guillotine, created from the Inquisitions and used to torture/execute many people when Fear was still a Cursed Tool.

Also, she got a "Sadist Killing Mode" when she went berserk at the starting point, though she starting to control her emotions due to Haruaki and the other help, but she still afraid of using her Devices to hurt other or having her other self to surface again.

Noted that Fear was the same as the previous her, Konoha Muramasa was the person who help to push Fear to learn to control her emotions.

Konoha is a Cursed Swords, and her "Family Name" Muramasa pretty much sum it up. There was an episode which show her previous Sadist killing Mode too, and her curse is having the User suffering the same Slice/Cut when it inflict on their opponents.

Though she choose to use her ability which focus on the opponent's weapons weak points and destroys it, which is to cause the opponent to be weaponless, but not harmless if they still want to continue fighting.

Konoha also explained in one Funny After credit part that despite being a Cursed Tools, as long as they are being hold or touch while in Tools Mode, it still considered as touching them.

Pretty much sum it up why Fear shouted Haruaki as Pervert at the starting point, though he explained he was checking what was behind the Black Cube.

I still pretty much wondering why Konoha don't say so when he use her while in Tool Mode, and I don't really take her having a crush on him as an excuses. Even so, she sure get Jealous very easily when Haruaki get near to Girls other than her.

Having the same feeling as her is Kirika Ueno, who is the Student Body President and Classmate of Haruaki, and holding 2 Cursed tools.

A clothing, one worn, will prevent the user from dying from any injuries, but the user will die once remove it, so Kirika had to wear it forever.

She use a cursed rope which can expand and bind or subjugate other, but the setback caused the User to hurt or kill someone. So she choose to Self-Harm herself in order to fulfill the curse, since her clothing can heal any injuries and prevent her from dying.

She did show her M-Mode to Haruaki as she love him a lot, and they do fight a lot by using Cooking to see who did the best, though she lost all the time.

She used to belong to an Organiztion called Nightcrawlers, who one side want to research about Cursed Tools, and the one other want to destroy them instead. Also it been hinted that there are other, though they are pretty much the "Bad Guys" here.

Though Gabriel Sekaibashi, the School Superintendent, who wear a freaky masks and loves to collect Cursed Tools for Unknown Sake. If you're asking why he wear it, he claimed that he will die one remove, or to wearing it to cover his Face Scar, and other being Religious Reason. I was told that it was to cover his Handsome Face.

Despite his Care-free spirit, he is actually very kind, and look out for other. He is also know Haruaki's Dad pretty well, since it did seem that those Cursed Tools that sent by Haruaki's Dad can get into the School very easily and fast too.

He do sent the other on errand, even when he had a Secretary, Zenon Hojo, who love cute things and dressing up cute girls when she had a cold personality and a straight face.

Gabriel even hired Sovereignty as a Maid; a Cursed Doll who caused other to fall in love with Him/Her (yes, change into Male or Female Mode) and later kill the Target with blades hidden inside it body. It was thanked to Fear and Konoha for removing the hidden cursed blades, though Sovereignty still can get other to fall in love with her, and "she" later choose to be in Female Mode most of the time.

Shiraho Sakuramiri was previously the target of Sovereignty, though she pretend to be the cursed doll as first to throw off the others' track.

It is claimed that as a cursed tool is being lifted of it curse, it power also gone by it, and it also shown that Fear unable to use some of her Cube Devices as the time passes.

Though it was pretty much help from some Discs in most Cursed Tools.

However, Kuroe Ningyouhara, a Cursed Doll who can control her hair, still able to use her power though she is able to use Healing power, which is the opposite of Draining Power, which most cursed tools had.

As she own a Beauty Parlor, she was able to lifted her curse, but she need to eat some hairs cut, since it is needed for her in order to refill her power as she no longer drain other human energy.

She easily obtained those hairs from her customers.

Do note that those Cursed Tools are not any High School Students, if considering by their Actual Age and I find most of the cursed tools having very interesting personality, like Kuroe being very mature despite being child-like or Sovereignty Female Mode to be very clumsy.

Although we see most of the Cursed Tools are the good guys/gals here, there are other who used Cursed Tools for evil, or even Cursed Tools themselves being the Bad guys/gals due to having their own bodies.

The Ecchi and Bloody Scenes in the Story are considered borderline, which I like to peek, and there are many scene parts where it seem like Bakemonogatari / Nisemonogatari Scene parts, which interestingly the Director of this story used to be the Episode Director in the latter Story.

But I must praise the Voice Actor/Actress as they really are good in playing those Scenes Parts. Even the part where Haruaki inserting the Disc into Fear while she on Tool Mode, can just sound so Wrong and Ecchi too. It caused a Big Dismay to the other girls.

An interesting Anime peeking, and I do want it have a Second Season, since the last episodes having many Bad Guys and Gals still walking around and about.

As far as I peeked, Have you decided to use a Cursed Tools who got a conscious in C Cube?
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