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Otoko no Ko wa Maid Fuku ga Osuki!?
Your son like Wearing Maid Outfit!?

Creators - Hiroe Natsuki | Hobby Japan | Kasukabe Akira
Drawn by Mitsukura Chikage

Series - Manga
Published in Comp Ace, Kadokawa
2 Volumes [Completed]
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Story Plot started with a Maid Cafe, and 4 young Maids helping their parents to open and took care of the store.

Main Trap here? The Maids are all 4 Son of the Shop owners Cross Dressing as Maid.

Though the Secret was leaked by Yuki, Nao helped to take care of it, and what worst for Yuki is that the Customers are even more willing to turn up for the shop to get some some Bite and Sip.

Though this Manga got completed with 2 Volumes, and started off somewhere in 2010, I only peeked into this Manga just recently, and just can't ignore the title when I notice the "Son" and "Maid" in it.

Interesting Title with funny joke in the Manga, my Praise to the 3 Creators for thinking this short manga to peek on, and the Illustrator sure know how to draw "Pretty Boy", which can easily get one to misunderstand that the 4 main characters are all girl than boy.

The 4 brothers, Nao, Yuki, Tomo, Rio as ranked in order from the Eldest, and the shop is called Cherry Girls which pretty much can point the fact they are Boy Crossdressing as Maid.

Nao, as the eldest, took care of the other 3 brothers, and the only one with the long hair and give off an Angelic Smile. Scary thing in school, He wear to the girl's changing room with the other girl, and asking him to go the boy one will freak him out.

Talk about being Mentally Girly, though Yuki as the second son is "considered" as the one with the common sense, and the first one to oppose wearing the Maid Outfit.

But due to his habit of kicking customers who try to harassing the other or taking photo of them, he tend to be more famous with the Customers or get into Penalty game with his brothers.

He is label as Tsundere by many, due to his habit, and even funny is that he is jealous when Nao is good with other. But he is one great cook in the shop, which tend to get many customers to arrive and take some bite/sip.

Tomo, the third son and the one who like to make their Maid Costume. You might say he one big Outfit Designers, and he do get hurt when Yuki say he don't like wearing Maid Outfit.

But he is also the brain one, so he tend to manipulate Yuki, and get him into Sexy or Erotic Maid outfit. He also tricked Yuki into wearing Girl underwear, which almost got him in trouble at school.

But despite his look, he is the Sadist in the group.

Rio, the youngest, but you can say he the most mischief of the 4. He don't just tease his brothers, but many of his customers, which he make good uses of his cute face and voice.

He also good in acting, and tend to tease Yuki sexually a lot, and his classmate by a few pranks.

I must praise the Illustrator for making 4 pretty boy, and unlike some crossdressing Mangas I peeking before like Reversible School Life and Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.

This Manga did show some "Fans Service" but due to them being boys, it kind of normal for them, I think.

Pretty much like Reversible where they must crossdress, the different is that the Reversible School Life is where they must wear normal uniform for one week, and cross dress the other week.

The 4 Brothers must crossdress when they are working in Cherry Girls, though it did seem like the Nao tend to cross dress the most, and that including at school too.

It kind of pretty dangerous when Nao, despite being a boy, got an Angelic face and personality, which is pretty much like Mizuho Miyanokoji of Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru.

Strangely similar, one can easily mistaken both of them as Full-time Girls, which I pretty much wonder if the Illustrator forget they are male or what not. Even Nao's Angelic Smile still activate when he get angry, which can scare the other.

Frankly saying, I not into Boy love, but I not against them, since I go by the "I not forcing or stopping you." thingy, but I amazed at how those Story about having the Boys dressing up nicely and letting many other mistaken them as girl instead.

Yup, I do know there are pretty boy who cross dress or people into Boys love though, but I tend to go the straight path despite having an easily called name "YY" which meant sway/crook/bent in Chinese.

But I do get some comment about having my mindset being very twisted or abnormal like Yasuna from Kill Me, Baby.

I don't heal that fast like her when I get injuries, and I did gotten sick since Thursday. Not able to speak normally, don't mean I can't type normally. Just need a lot of Water and Rest.

But as far as I peeked into, do you want to visit the Crossdressing Maid of Cherry Girls in Otoko no Ko wa Maid Fuku ga Osuki!?
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