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Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho

Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho
Fox's Devil and Black Grimoire

Creator - Yuu Tachibana

Series - Manga
Published in Shounen Ace, Kadokawa
2 Volumes [Ongoing]
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From the one who drawn Kampfer for the Manga version, come another World where a Demon Fox come into the life of a Student, and his life going into a big twist.
Story plot start with Kyuuki, a demon fox released from her seal after so many years, but only to find her other half, the Black Grimoire being stolen by someone.

Kamishiro Shin, decided to take a short cut back but only to find himself into a fight between Kyuuki and another demon. Strangely, Shin was able to enter into the Barrier which was not suppose to let anyone enter or escape.

While trying to defeat the demon who abuse the Black Grimoire, Kyuuki was unable to unleash her full power and the demon was able to heal his injuries right off. But Shin got a plan.

Making use of Kyuuki's weapon, and while the 2 demons are fighting. Shin was able to destroy the pillar supporting the building they are in, but the finishing touch was done by the demon instead.

Kyuuki and Shin were able to escape, while the demon took the full hit. While Healing, the demon was unable to use any other spells, which render him unless, and was killed off by Kyuuki.

While searching for the Black Grimoire, Shin got wrapped up with the book and he become the user. In order to take back the book, Kyuuki can only think up of killing him, but decided to drop the idea due to being saved by him.

And interestingly, later on it was reveal that should Kyuuki stay farther from Shin, he was get bad luck due to the Black Grimoire being able to attract negative energy.

Kyuuki explained that she's able to suppress it when she near, but big scale misfortune will fall on Shin should she go way farther.

Later on, Kurosaki Aoi which is the Class Rep, happened to be some one from some organization whose jobs is to destroy any demons. Her Sister suit got shin and Kyuuki wondering at first while Aoi was taking out a low level demon.

It was a shocked for Shin and Kyuuki at first, and Kyuuki got pissed off due to being defeated by Aoi easily.

But even so, Kyuuki make use of trickery to get Aoi to protect Shin, as there are increasing amount of demon aiming for the Black Grimoire inside Shin.

Aoi is someone who go by the books, so it kind of pissed Kyuuki at first. But reveal that she stay with Shin, and her relationship with the Black Grimoire as both share the same body, Aoi immediately stay next door to Shin, much to his dismay.

Kyuuki written off that he being lucky that he got 2 girls to protect him instead. A lucky Bastard indeed if one think it that way, and somehow I think there will another demon coming Shin life after Kyuuki let her off.

What caused me to take note of this Manga was pretty much due to the Art and drawing which somehow let me remember Kampfer.

I later then notice that it was the same person who drawn the Manga version for Kampfer; the eye and hairstyle give way while I was peeking on it.

Not bad for a Manga Peeking, and it got an interesting Story plot, which made me wonder what might happen next.

As far as I peeked, do you want to take a step into the battle between Power Hunger Demons fighting for the Black Grimoire in Kitsune no Akuma to Kuroi Madousho?
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