Friday, August 24, 2012

Dinner with Imouto

Due to tasty bite for a few day, my Black Rock Shooter Wallet been killing me off in my dream for a few night.

There are some Tasty bite which is very hurtful for the wallet, and some leave a Burn Mark.

Even so, it still good to bite on them, and my Imouto and I been biting on some nice Tasty Food for Dinner, and one including Packing back home.

There are 3 time which bite on tasty food from last weeks; One in Orchard and 1 in Lot 1, and last is buy from Lot 1.

I stay somewhere near there.

Not always eating such nice food, but actually the first two times is we want to go out, so we Bite out. But last one which so happened to be last night, was to avoid eating my grandmother's cooking.

Not saying her cooking is bad, in fact it's very delicious and tasty to bite, but eating Fried Bee Hoon for so many Dinners is kind of bugging me.

As for now, take a peek at what I been biting with my Imouto for this week at Lot 1.

First to be serve!

I ate this 2 tasty bite

Eating with my Imouto and her friend

Ready to bite

So many to bite on

Takoyaki and OmuRice/Omu Noodle

Sushi for Dinner!

Different Varies, but I like Salmon Fish


Do not be fool by this Wasabi

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