Thursday, August 16, 2012

Danny's Cultural Japan 2

Since it Summer, then there are surely many thing to do like Biting Shaved Ice, Peeking Fireworks and many other.

And surely enough, Mr Danny Choo had many photos to share to many other around for peeking and made me Sparkly Eye Activated on the Summer Series Posts. (/ ( * w * ) \)

(Credits - Photos taken from

For a very busy person, he sure got time to peek at some nice Fireworks at Japan. While the only time Singaporean get to see Fireworks in around Summer Period is on the National Day.

Even if I say that, Singapore only got 2 main weathers; Hot or Rain. If want more; Windy or Cloudy, and never get to experience other types.

I tend to listen from Customers that they don't like the weathers oversea which changes kind of easily and very different from Singapore.

Usually reply, Different Countries, Different Styles, even Japan ban Smokers from Walk and Smoke at the same time. If only the Singapore Government can add this laws here, surely many non-smokers would jump and shout "Yea~!" and that including me.

Ya, there are some Smokers here in Singapore who smoke and walk at the same time, which pretty make me take a detours when I ended behind one.

Not forcing them to stop, but do wish they think about the other though. Plus, one can learn many things from Japan, like the recycling parts, which I think Singapore is falling way behind.

Try asking Singapore to separate the Waste before throwing them away, and you'll get a scold back and they say would very "Ma Fan" (troublesome) instead of lazy. (=x= |||)

That why I tend to say "You must respect the Japanese, their Lifestyles and Ideals are very solid".

Too bad I was unable to find (or either I not trying hard enough) some books with Mr Danny Choo works like OTAQ.

Even a few peek from his photos at some offices at Good Smile Company or Pixiv is something one don't get to see around much.

Yup, I do peek at Pixiv site to see some nice arts by many Illustrators, and a place where I saved some nice arts too.

Well, my praise for his time in doing even the Culture Japan Night Malaysia and Wonhobby TV Summer some time ago, and it surely not something Mr Danny Choo can do alone, so of course he got his comrades too. (+w+ ||)

As far as I Peeked, maybe time to Grab some nice Plastic Food with my Clean hand, but not Biting them.
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