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Tora Kiss

トラキス - A School Odyssey
Tora Kisu - A School Odyssey
Tora Kiss: A School Odyssey
Tora - Tiger

Creator - Kamoshida Hajime

Series - Manga
Drawn by Tomato Mato
Published in Dengeki Daioh, ASCII Media Works
No Volumes yet, 3 Chapters so Far [Ongoing]
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Start Plot start off with Satou Taketora (a.k.a Tora by his peer) who is actually the first person in contact with the "Monument", which was discovered on some mysterious island.

Contained "Data" information which only certain special people who can extract them out, and many companies, in power/polities want a piece of those Data.

3000 Students, who could extract those information attend a special place to study, where they live for free, as long as they extract the information.

The Students are also able to summon a creature or two known as
"Phi" to help them or fight (most of the time), and Tora, being the typical Lazy person and being the last of the 3000 students, actually had the biggest mark among the other student.

He hid his secrets, escaped from Exam to prevent his Creature from appearing and showing many other, which was later confirmed by his Class President, Sylvie Sharlette, that he had not connect to the Monument again for 10 years.

Same as he made a promise with his childhood friend after separating for actually 10 years, and he promised that he will grow stronger.

But Hanasaki Sakura is angry that not only Tora forgot about her, her ranking of being 100th is way higher than his being 3000th.

Tora's imouto, Satou Kotori is being 900th.

Due to his ranking, Kotori been trying to get his oni-san to increase his Ranking, and show hint of her Marks growing.

Yes, the plot point out that there is a Ranking system apply, which is being calculate by the School and the Examination, pretty much same as Toaru no Majutsu no Index.

Tora escaped by "Stomachache!!!" and walking away very relaxing.

Also, it been also hint that Marks, in the form of taboo in the student's body, and the Bigger/More of it show that it more powerful, which basically made Tora being the powerful one since his Tora Taboo on his back cover mostly of his back.

Due to his rejection to duel, Sakura tried way to fight with Tora to confirm his promise, and it was later approved by the Councils or else Tora will be expelled.

As being ranked 3000th, he is ranked and friend with the second and third Last and being title the Pitiful Trio, and many are afraid that if he lose, he will be expelled.

But they get an unexpected shock, including the judge and many other, after Tora's Phi appear, in a form of a Cute Human-form Tora Mascot, which also about Tora's height.

Human form are extremely Rare, which show one form that Tora's being one of the special case, and many who are aware of this, took notice of Tora.

Also, Sakura's Phi is 2 big Wolf/Dog (can't really made it out) whose abilities is Fire and Ice. But it still not able to bring Tora's Phi down, which shocked many just how powerful Tora was, and how he was able to hide it so well.

Tora's Phi even show hints that he was playing and toying with the 2 Wolf Dog, and not getting a scratch, even after getting Frozen by the Ice or Burnt by the Fire.

And what more, when Tora finally gave the orders of finishing the Match, it take only 1 hit to KO Sakura's Phi.

Well, shocked the Whole School due to a Ranked 3000th winning a Match over a Ranked 100th.

Also there is a Penalty for the Battle, where Data/Thing Learnt for 24 hours will be transfer from the Loser to the Winner, and the only way is though Mouth to Mouth; Kissing.

Due to not mentally prepared, Sakura choose to wait Tora to sleep and transfer it, but in the end she was found out, and they both kiss to do the transferring; they both embarrassed since it their first kiss.

A pretty interesting Manga to peek, if you're asking me, and I find this Manga something to look forwards since it seem like it out on a monthly release.

It first chapter even got around 100 Pages, which basically cover what I just post, and the later 2 chapters just show that Tora will be target after many learned of his Phi.

Him being the first to be in contact with the Monument is also something not to be overlook too.

Also since this is called Tora Kiss, one might somehow look forward just how much Tora going to kiss many other, and I will look forward for the day Tora going to kiss a guy to Transfer Data.

As far as I peeked, interested to take a step into the school where many Extract Data from Monument and fight with their Phi Creature in Tora Kisu - A School Odyssey.
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