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Mada's Figurines Report 27 August 2012

Let start off this week figurines posts with a weekly figurines post.

Nako Oshimizu @Amiami
Yuina Wakura @Amiami

It really not that I like Swimsuit or whatever, but don't most service in Anime/Manga put Girls in Swimsuit as the common topic?

Anyway, for some unknown reason, some girls do look good in Swimsuits, and especially those characters in Anime/Manga. (=x= ||)

I was kind of amazed at the Sculptor for making a nice shape for Nako, since the swimsuit curve look very nice, and dangerous too.

If you want to have a girl in Swimsuit and is really very dangerous due to her weapons, considering grabbing this;

Sasara Kusugawa @Amiami

I actually wonder why her Fighter mode is in Swimsuit while her Axe and Shield is very dangerous, but the lack of Armor pretty much give Fans Services.

If one say that her body is to stun or let opponent to let down their guard, I would say that the is very dangerous to go against.

Even I would stare at her and let her finish me right off, without giving a serious fight! ∑(O_O;)

If you prefer one top strip from clothing to swimsuit, but look very cute in both, then I would say that Utao Kuga look not bad.

Utao Kuga @Amiami

Not sure if she really want to take off her Maiden Shrine Costume, but I seriously think that it look great on her.

Just that the Swimsuit Mode is an additional bonus, if you're asking her to take her to the swimming pool. (●´∀`●)

But be warned; the Plushie she carries around is Kukuri, and not to be cross with.

Another cute figurine that look so dangerous with her clothing is Super Sonico.

Super Sonico (DX) @Amiami

I actually was looking at her plate until I scroll down.

She is wearing an underwear, but it doesn't seem like it when the Photographer decided to take it on one angle of it.

For that Moment when I was peeking at this, I almost got a heart attack, though good thing I take another peek again at other photo of the figurine.

The Dx Version come with her guitar, cute teddy bear and a small freezer which you can display it with her. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

Just recently I taking another peek into Nahona series, and I still pretty much like that anime, especially when the second movie is also not bad.

Nanoha Takamachi @Amiami

Pretty cute, but also very powerful at her young age, even her students were shocked after learning of her history as a young magical girl.

This pose where she is ready to take aim and fire her skills is something not easily to forget, even in those Anime part.

But what amazed me in this pose is that she using one hand, and the magical circle she standing also look very nice in the details.

Another cute otaku girl not to forget is Kuroneko.

Kuroneko @Amiami

I got 2 different Kuroneko figurines stepping into my Hiding Hole, though they don't really look that great than this.

Will post them at later time this week, and what made this really special is that this is when she not much in cosplaying, and yet her Neko Ear Handband just look so great.

Even when she taking a pose by sitting down look so nice! ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

Though I wonder if I would stare at another Angle when I grab her though. ( ̄ω ̄;)

Though the following 2 girls also very good to stare at, due to their pose.

Sena Kashiwazaki @Amiami
Yozora Mikazuki @Amiami

Between the two I would say that Sena look very cute, though I wonder about her clothing, but her cherry at her mouth also look very tempting.

Not that revealing if you look at it carefully, even Yozora doesn't show much expect her underwear, but the way she is like going to sit down and yet she not, look kind of weird.

If you asking me to do that pose, I wouldn't long for even a minute!

A girl who seem easily to be forgotten, but is still cute as ever.

Akari Akaza @Amiami

The Nendoroid did include the version where she can have her Hair Dumpling fire out.

Look pretty much dangerous, and to think that she able to turn invisible too.

Not bad for a cute Nendoroid if you ask me, and I like her some cheerful pose look so great to have, next to your bed to start your day.

Or on your workplace when you're in a foul mood after being told off by your superior. If you're the Superior, it still able to make your day due to her cheerful smile. O(≧▽≦)O

Last to close this week report would be the Princess of Biscotti, Millhiore!

Millhi @Amiami

Though she can't do much expect sitting down, but the pose on sitting down with her cheerful smile, can strangely make me smile.

Very cute and good to have, and she at 2100 Yen (520 Yen cheaper than Akari earlier)

I wonder if it due to the pink color which also attracted me in some where. Even currently when I taking a peek at Dog Days season 2 which I find it as interesting as ever.

Pretty much for today, but as mentioned, I will be doing more figurines posts this week, but I might go into other too.

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