Sunday, August 19, 2012

Mada's Sunday Reports 19 August 2012

This week sure passed by so fast, that I even forgotten about it since I been helping my dad for one full week since he not feeling well this week and my Imouto having her 3-D Modelling Test coming up soon.

Though I did went for a Night Walking Session with my Imouto on Friday, and did some Peeking around.

Even when I mentioned at how many Manga I had place into my Bookshelf, I still went and grab some more on Friday and even finally Signed up for the Kinokuniya Membership.

Went for a very late Night Bite with my Imouto too, and I wasn't aware that there was some Renovation down at my Favor Biting Spot, and due to my Imouto unable to choose what to bite, again We bite some Curry Rice; All time Favor around, and also at Ginza Bairin. ~旦_(^O^ )

Friday was also the Start of Lunar 7th Month on Chinese Calendar, and also the timing when Spirit/Ghost are free to roam around after releasing from the Hell, known as Ghost Festival.

Same as Japanese's Bon Festival or Obon.

We offer Food and burn paper for the Dead, to ease their suffering, and some pray for some blessing too. Also, some choose not to stay late night during this month too.

Best to Believe sometime. Also, today encounter some Accidents along the way SLE which pretty make me wish the person(s) inside is fine.

Don't get to peek at such accident much, but kind of shock to witness one. Don't ask how the Car was on Fire though, I was just passing by. (=x= ||)

Let sum it up for this week Peeking around.

Mada's Figurines Report 13 August 2012

I also wonder how I started with Royal Family, with some Maids and Bodyguard to start with. Must be since Saber in Yukata got my Sparkly Eye Activated. (☆w☆ ;)

Previous Report I mentioned about Dangerous Girls, but this week also pretty much having very dangerous girl like Aigis ready to take anyone with her Ultimate Form, or Alisa ready to fight any Trespasser.

Even Super Sonico In Maid Mode is Pretty and Dangerous at the same time.∑(O_O;)

Anime/Manga Peeking for this week is very simple;

C3 is an Anime from Last year, but still good to peek on, since the Bloody or Ecchi Scenes are consider on the Borderline Point, and I like how the plot of Cursed Tools can even have a human forms.

As for Akuma no Ikenie, I bought the Manga since it released 3 volumes but on-line released only 3 Chapters. 〆(・∀・@)

I find it nice and interesting due to the plot start with a Human being an Archangel reincarnate, and the 7 Princess of Hell are appearing to take his life. Not Prince in this story, and they're not really princess, but based on the 7 Sins/Prince of Hell.

And as for Tora Kiss, a very interesting Manga to peek even for just 3 Chapters too.

A 100 Pages just right at the First Chapters, and it very much got me peek on it when I was having some Manga Peeking.  φ(◎◎ヘ)

Even the plot where the Dead Last Lazy Person in the whole School is actually secretly hiding his true power, but had to show his power to the whole world after a quarrel with his Childhood friend.

I laughed at the point at how persistent she want to fight him, and the guy was naked at some point when she request to fight.

In the end she got her fight, but the Guy power was reveal, which got him notice by those higher-ups. Interested to know, just take a peek at some site, or head to my post on it to know more.

Also, did some Peeking at Danny Choo's Posts, and really like at those photos of the Summer Series this year which he had taken.

Danny Cultural Japan 2

The first one was on his TV Culture Japan. Kind of sum a bit at his posts, and A picture/photo can tell many tales, and due to many photos on his posts, Mr Danny Choo been telling a lot of Stories himself.

Good thing is that we get to peek at some stuffs, which we don't get to peek daily, or anywhere near our normal Walking Spot. And able to see just how much different the Culture in each Countries really are, though Anime/Manga link many together.

So far so good with so many Manga still need waiting for me to peek on, though I will back to Gaming for a while too. 〆(・∀・@)

I also be taking some last minute Revision before my Driving Test too, since I'm a very lousy Driver, and I do want to go for some nice Walking Session too.

As for now, Time to do some peeking around before an Early Nap tonight, I still have to help my Dad out, which he been feeling very unwell for this year due to unknown reason. But still, he still good, and doing some Korean Drama Peeking with Mum.

Wonder what interesting things I will get to peek next week. (☆w☆ ;)

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