Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica

Hagure Yūsha no Esutetika
Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Creator - Tetsuto Uesu


Light Novel
Drawn by Tamago no Kimi
Published by Hobby Japan
7 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Drawn by Haiji Nakasone
Published by Hobby Japan
1 Volumes [Ongoing]
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Directed by Rion Kujou
Music by Kayo Konishi, Yukio Kondo
Studio - Arms
5 Episodes [Ongoing]
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Story plot started off with some parallel world Hero running off and wanting to get back to his own world, as he got something he need to do there.

Akatsuki Ousawa, a kind and strong person, though his perversion is something not to be against with. Even able to take Bra and Panty off girl without their knowing, which tend to "disable" their fighting power or spirit.

Even so, just his own speed and power is more than enough to get anyone knocked out, since he did defeated the Demon King, but he had promised the Devil that he will take his daughter back to his own world.
The Demon king sure know how to take care of his own daughters as he is afraid other will harm her after his death, or to be worship as the new Demon King. Akatsuki just take her back home, naked.

In order to let her fix her role in his world, he given Myuu a new name, Miu Ousawa and a role, his imouto. It also seem like he did had an imouto, who died long ago.

As the Demon king's daughter, her magic is very powerful, and don't seem like she need to take time to cast her spells, while Akasuki uses both his bare fist to fight since he can't use magic.

But even so, his bare fists can do more than just hitting, as he able to control some energy that affect a person organ.

The plot about Travelers who need to attend a special School called the Babel, which is to teach and control them how to control their power in order to help the Social which is more like keeping them in check.

The students there had traveled to some Parallel World and gotten Magical Power which still stayed with them even after coming back to their own World. And those without power are very afraid of them, as they fear should one abuse it.

The plot did mentioned about some didn't returned, so I wonder what happened to them. Plus the Anime got many Eye-Candy-Fans-Service-and-Healthy-to-the-Eye, but please don't learn to take, strip or steal a woman's underwear like Akatsuki.

I also taken an interest to the Anime due to it starting narrative about able to still use Magic or power after a travel from Parallel World and back. Even I wonder about the Student's Council President, Kyouya Hikami.

Well, there are some plot in story where Ice Users are "seem" as person who is manipulative, and weirdly, when he show his "Cold Ice" graze, it enough to freak someone out.

Wonder if this had to do with Akatsuki's ability, and I amazed at how he able to get those girls attention, and he tend to act like the bad guy, though he a kind person. I just love how he bullied the School bully instead.

So, interested to take a little peek into a School of Magic and Power Wielding Students over at Babel in Hagure Yūsha no Esutetika? 
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