Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Grab and Peek

Yet to peek into them
Due to too much grabbing during previous walking trips, I still got a lot of Manga on my bookshelf calling out to Me to touch and peek into them.

It unbearable!! ☆⌒(>。≪)

I do recall mentioned about having grabbed hold on some Manga with my Clean Hands somewhere @here or @there, or was it @somewhere.

Anyway, pretty much got many Manga I do need to peek around, though I will be on a Walking Session or two for this week, and pretty much some Grabbing with my Clean Hands, depending on the situation.

If I can do some Clone Ninjutsu, I would have 3, One for Manga Peeking, One for Anime Peeking and Last for Gaming Playing. Then I would go for Walking Session, and to think that there are some clothes that I want to grab hold over at Uniqlo. (◎-◎;)

My Clean hands was hit by BRS Wallet
Pretty much Manga/Anime Peeking since I restarted this Blog, and will be doing so. But let slow down the pace for a while for this week only.

Will post up one or two though, but it did seem like I yet to do some simple checking post on Danny choo site too.

So many interesting stuffs to check and learn too, though I learn a lot from Book Peeking from young which don't really do much without experiences.

There even AniSong Listening lists that I yet to update on for myself. (TTwTT |||)

Well, I can't really Sacrifice my Eating, Napping, Toilet Time, but I do get nervous for this week due to my incoming Driving Tests due some days later.

I'm a very Lousy Driver, so don't expect too much.  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

Time pass by too fast during Manga Peeking
Still taking things and stuffs slowly at a time, since I not that much of a rush person, but at time I do.

It good to go by "Maybe, Maybe Not" for a while to see thing through nicely and to take notice of some other details other may not.

Even some stuffs, when done by one is simple yet effective, and can be passed to other as knowledge.

I won't say much about what knowledge can be learnt from my Randomness, like my Chatting, Postings or Life Style. Still depend on each person.

As for now, Time for some Anime and Manga Peeking around again.
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