Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Breezing through Orchard 4

Mentioned last time that I went for a Night Walking Session, and with my Imouto since she need to grab some stuffs down town.

Was supposed to be a quick one, but in the end reached home at Midnight, and did a few grabbing with some books too.

As for me, grabbed one big books, and some Manga.

At first, I was told to apply for  the Kinokuniya Membership Cards most of the time, but I tend to use my friends' as it's one reason why I hang out with them.

But since I buy a lot books, especially Manga, this time I grab the card, and sign for 3 years. Amazingly they make this cards in less than 5 minutes.

Couldn't decided what name to use, so in the end decided "Nagakun" instead, since this bookshop is a Japanese Name too.

Same as I got membership at Kinokuniya, I wasn't aware that my sister was the membership of Art Friends, and got some nice Discount.

Brought some nice Erasers, which I would take a few pictures when I am Free in this 2 days.

It surely been sometime since I last take some Figurines Photo in my home, and I need to make some stuffs too.

As for what I going to do, maybe take a peek at my posts tomorrow or the day after.

Kind of hate it when my Favor Biting Spot got renovated, since I unable to bite my favor food. But hopefully it get better, and need to wait to see what changes it going to be.

And due to our Roaring Stomach wanting to bite, we went for some nice Curry Rice, and it been my favor rice too. Very Healthy for the Stomach!

Bite from 9pm to 10pm, that signal that many shops are closing for the day, and sadly couldn't grab any clothes at Uniqlo, but will wait till next time instead.

Also happened to take a Bus which breakdown halfway, due to not enough petrol, but luckily got another bus which take us back near to our house.

Next time will go for more Night Walking Session at Orchard Road, City Hall and Bugis, but for now, some nice bite at Lot 1.
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