Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bride of Enma

Enma no Hanayome to Kimetsukerareta Fukou na Ore no Jinsei Keikaku
Bride of Enma
Creator - Yuuki Sakuya

Series - Manga
Published in Comic Valkyrie
No Volumes yet [Ongoing]
3 Chapters so far
More info @Baka
Peek @Batoto

Story plot started with Onizaki Teppei, a scary looking person with a scary name, but choose to wear a lame glass in order to hide his identity and led a normal school life.

But things are sure not going accordingly to his plan though, when he hit a person right off on his first day in High School.

Got her eye on Teppei is Mitogawa Enma, a girl from Hell who not also going to be the nest Hell Demon King, but also looking for a Bad, Scary and Strong Person to marry.

Unfortunately for Teppei, didn't believe her at first, but a shock after a taste of her power when she can overwrite a person history, life and reputation.

The reason why, other than Teppei himself, no one remember who Enma is after she went back to hell.

She is determined to train Teppei to be more badder, scarier, and stronger. Something not what he want for a normal school life, since he not only scary looking, but was strong enough to use only a standing Medium punch to knock a person far away.

The unlucky delinquent girl, Aakayanagi Yomi, who claimed to rule the school got knocked back, and got her Love at First Sight after seeing his Scary Look, and a taste of his power.

Just peeking at her blushing while sending another challenge to fight at Teppei is just so interesting. You can say that she is the Tsundere girl here.

Yandere Childhood girl also play a role here, Aisai Shiori, and she sure will do anything to the extreme just to get any girl who dare to go near Teppei away.

Even Teppei wonder how she can threaten him with a calm face, and I wonder how she can stalk him to the point of knowing where he hide his porn book in his room.

Her abilities to have a calm face and yet able to threaten person is something not to be reckon with, and I wonder how Enma able to withdraw the spicy curry Shiori able to come up with.

I wonder if Demons really do like Spicy food to that extend.

Well, since it got just 3 chapters out so far, I find this to be an interesting peeking with it story plot, and the point where "Don't judge a Person by their cover" do apply on each characters here.

Though I like peeking at Nisekoi more, I wonder how this story will led to.

Do you want to take a short peek over the training to be a Bride in Enma no Hanayome?
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