Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Walking Session and a Celebration

New Pose as a Model
Today is Singapore National Days, and one big new which was spreading about Lee Kuan Yew, well, he still living strong and walking about.

How I felt so happy about shooting off those aunties and uncle who like to anyhow spread rumor about his "death". Look like tomorrow will be me putting one big smile on my face and good time to troll them off for spreading rumor.

And yesterday, I even take some time to do some walking around and about, Morning is helping off, Afternoon doing some stuffs outside, before going to Orchard after a quick detours back at Home.

Contain 3 Winnie Cups/Mugs
There is some sales down at Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City Singapore, and I grabbed 3 cups of Winnie the Pooh bear design for my Imouto.

A very good surprise for her, and good thing they were very very VERY cheap. Can't get those soft pushie as she got too many, and the watch still out of my range.

Good thing the price is good for the cups, and she don't have any Winnie Cups. And many who are wondering who my imouto, What I can say is she also call Winnie. (=x= |||)

Will be going for some walking session too, to grab some other stuffs at a later date. Time to save some more Money.

Though I do want to grab a new PS Vita since the new Vocaloid game will be due this month end.

Which tray do you think is the most expensive?
Been a while that I took a Night Walking Session at Orchard, though many shops close at 10pm, with Takashimaya being the first shopping center in Orchard Road being close off.

Did some bite and chat at Yoshinoya until 10pm just right. And even helped some tourists on the way. I wonder if I was too talkative in telling them about Orchard Road, Bugis and City Hall Area, where I have my Walking Session a lot.

Been so long that I reached home after Midnight, and was happy that I was given a "Day off" by my dad, which was revoked when he woke me up to work, since he do not want to wake my imouto. Fault on my reaction even in sleep when my dad come into my room. My grandma and Dad got a very funny way of opening my door room, which can wake me up.

As for now, A small Night Bite, a cold Shower, Some TV Peeking for National Day and an Early Napping.

Good day to All! Happy National Day, Singapore!
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