Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report 26 August 2012

Another week past so fast, and to think that I went to A.C.M.E (A certain Magical Events).

My hands did grab hold to some stuffs, with many thanks to my friends. So next week I will be posting many pictures of figurines.

Next week seem like a Figurines posting week.

But as for now, let start the Sunday Report.

First off as usual, Figurine!

Mada's Figurines Report 20/08/12

Again, right off the week I would start some Figurines which got my Sparkly Eye Activated, and of course I would like to grab them if anything possible, and with my Very Clean hands.

Even so, I do post some pictures of my figurines once in a while, and this time, my Figma got some tasty bites to chew on.

I did went for some walking session myself, and did grab some tasty bite with my imouto to chew on.

Once in a while, it's best to take some good bites out of Tasty Food, and enjoying it. It also when it best to just chit-chat over random stuffs.

I even grab some books this week too, and this time, grabbed a card from Kinokuniya, since I tend to grab more books down there and the 10% Discount was too tempting for me with some period of 20% too.

This got 2 Manga to share and to peek on.

I did mentioned that I had all 3 volumes for Dr Rurru, though I wonder if I able to grab hold of the latter series.

There are many interesting manga to peek on too, but as mentioned earlier, I would be doing more on Figurines Peeking and Photo taking instead.

There may be some Anime/Manga on later days, though I might go into Games Peeking to check up on some latest interesting games.

In case you're not aware, you may click on those Bold and Blue Wordings in each posts as they are link directed by me.

As for now, time to admire some figurines in my room for now.

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