Monday, August 13, 2012

Mada's Figurines Report 13 August 2012

Couldn't grab hold on BRS Anime Ver. Figma, but not enough to get me sad and not peeking on other Figurines, so let get started with a Princess on the starting Line.

Princess of the Crystal @Amiami

Sure look nice with the way she walk, which just look so gracefully. Even her look just look great.

I been wondering how her dress can stand up so nicely, which her legs just look so nice and slim with the black long boots.

Well, what to expect from a Princess, who is of the Loyal Family, with a great Nobility Aura.

Even Saber Still keep her King Aura with her Yukata on, while taking a little stroll on Summer Festival.

Saber Yukata Ver. @Amiami

Nice Blue Yukata sure suit her well, though as I mentioned sometime ago, My Favor Color is Blue first before Black And White.

Though I don't really wear blue myself, but Saber sure look very nice, and strangely slimmer than when she in Battle Mode.

I wonder if she let me take a little bite out of her candy though.

Also, Illya, Rin and Sakura will be joining Saber in Yukata at later timing, so you can consider having a collection, which one might cost around 6000 ~ 7000 Yen. Grabbing one at a time won't give much damages to your Wallet though.

What Royal need next is some nice Maid to help serve them and cleaning up their Staying Place / Hiding Spot.

Super Sonico Lolita Maid ver. @Amiami
Super Sonico Gothic Maid ver. @Amiami

Not sure who go and tied her in such Erotic Pose, but nevertheless, this figurines still sure Sold out very fast despite being on Pre-order Mode.

Most would like to see her nice pose in bed and her embarrassed face, though I wouldn't grab this despite such nice details which can get any Nose Bleeding around.

I won't mind having her as a Maid though.

Next, we don't really need Dangerous Girls but what we need are good Fighters to keep guard and protect the Royal.

Aigis The ULTIMATE ver. @Amiami

Don't cross her, else you get holes all over you.

This time, she don't look dangerous, She is! I was wonder when Danny Choo post on Facebook about this which got me Sparkly Eye Activated.

Her Weapons is not something to mess which, and I amazed at the details, which Aigis is also very good in Close Combat.

Enemies, Beware.

Even the Protector of Humanity is also not to be cross with.

Ignis @Amiami

I recall mentioning about her being a Demon Hunter, and not hesitant to use her Sword and Gun.

Even if you're Human or Demon, notice some red hair fly past one corner of your eye, signal yourself to escape from where you are.

Nice design to the point where she can abuse using both her Sword and Gun, which is more like Machine Guns, so you can get either being Slashed by her, or having full of holes.

She sure can move a lot for a Figma, and I must say, She just too Dangerous Pretty for a Demon Hunter.

There is also another Pole Arm Wielder who not only Dangerously Pretty, but best not to cross with.

Unchou Kanu -Lying Down ver.- @Amiami

Don't ask me why her clothes is ripped, but as far as I peeked into Ikkitousen, the Creator like doing so, as it seem.

If most men are fighting her, they most probably get distracted by her Oppai, and be defeated or kill by her swift and powerful Pole Arm.

Lying down might be her static by giving an opening, so best be careful. Though for this Figurine, it seem like she can remove her clothes too.

I sensing Nose Bleeding going to get activated. She sure can get some Knock Out without having trying to.

Next, we might want some Ninja, and best is cute girl while at it.

Ninja-ceptor Ichigo Osanama Jigokuhen
-[Milestone Limited Edition] @Amiami
-[Regular Edition] @Amiami

Despite being the same girl, I find the Limited Edition to be more Ninja-like due to the costume, though the Normal Edition seem like A girl cosplaying to be a Ninja.

Still cute in her on it ways, since blue and white is a good combination to make it more Moe, thought the scary thing is she can remove her top clothing.

I would prefer her to wear it, since it look nice, and I wonder if her stealth is on high level. Her clothing just make me wondering instead.

If you're considering adding some fighters to help protect the Royal, then consider some girls from Tekken.

Those girls sure can fight well, and are even better than men too, though Alisa is a cyborg and not to be cross with too.

Christie and Asuka also fight very well, and I am amazed at how young and cute figurines, which is different from the Game Model part.

Don't expect the figurine to move, though it don't mean they are someone to cross with.

Well, let add some cute girls in cute swimsuit to the Royal Family before closing off.

Ichika Takatsuki @Amiami
Muginami @Amiami
Madoka Kyouno @Amiami
Konomi Yuzuhara @Amiami

I wonder how the penguin felt when Konomi sit on it, though Madoka and Muginami might be playing Volleyball somewhere.

Adding Cute girls is optional, but who won't want to, even if there are some who don't.

Well, after some Random Chatting with Royal Family with their Bodyguards, Any Figurines got your Sparkly Eye Activated? There are 2 for me, honestly.

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