Monday, August 6, 2012

Mada's Figurine Report 06 August 2012

I do like girl in machines too, and best if they are very good in them, or even using them.

Erica @Amiami
Sanya @Amiami
Eila @Amiami

Always flying around, and ready to shoot with their Firearms weapons, one must be careful or receive one big Bang from them!

I always wondering about the machines on their legs, which enable them to fly, and don't worry, the figurines will look like they are floating.

Well, the Neko ear got me Sparkly Eye Activated too. (* w * )

The girls in Strike Witch sure never fail to surprise me at their floating, even my praise to the sculptor, but this week got my Big Jaw Drop.

GP-03 Stamen @Amiami

I been wondering at how much they can do the Girl and Gundam Fusion, or what many call them; Mecha Girl.

Gundam Girl to be precise for this figurine, which sure is "GG", the price is not enough to make go GG though, since it at 4860 Yen over at Amiami.

Singapore Style GG meant Gone Case, or "It's Over!!", if you're thinking GG as Good Game.

Though Girl with Guns or Machines is enough to make many man GG, but that don't mean one must overlook girl with Swords!!

Those girls of Ikkitousen are not to be reckon with.

-Shiryu China Dress @Amiami
-Shiryu Choun Fest. @Amiami
-Chouhi @Amiami
-Hakufu @Amiami

If guns are range, and swords are Melee, then Girl are surely got both of them cover up, and the Ikkitousen Girl got many dangerous weapons - their Pretty Face, Chest and Pose.

Very powerful enough to get, not one, but many "stunned".

That is when an opening come about, when they are ready for the striking kill.

Cute Bunny Girls are also enough to get many stunned too, even me.

I do like cute Neko and Bunny too, plus both Charlotte and Nanoha are one of my favorite Anime characters in my peeking Anime List.

It just so happened that both decided to wear a matching Blue suit with black Stocking though, but their bunny ear is different, so it easier to tell them apart. 

One is Twin-tail, while one is pony tail, so which one do you prefer? (*w* ||)

It's not like you get to see any Bunny Girl walking down the street and go slap you for the fun of it, but I do know that Female student tend to go out with their friends after school.

School uniform would be more common sight than any other costume, though it will be uncommon to see one holding a weapons or firearms.

Those mini-skirt is more than enough to get many Peekers to stare at them, and if one of those students shout, the boys not only will have their Ear damaged, but will be label as Stalkers or Pervert.

I wonder what it will be if Boy shout if they are being rape? They still probably be label as Molester or Pervert anyway.

Well, Nami of one piece most probably will request for money, and likely stun them with her lightning Magic Rod too.

On other Hand, Inori might sing a song instead.

I do remember Danny showing some peek over this figurines, and I do post a little before, but Inori is just so cute, and her voice is nice too.

I'm sure many would like to listen to her singing. Very healthy to the Ear, and her pretty face is healthy to the Eye.

Sure got many healthy benefits from a Very Dangerous girl. (=x= |||)

Well, some Girls from IdolM@ster are wearing Swimsuits, which is dangerously cute!!

I wonder if those Idols are having some phototaking at the beach or going to have some fun instead.

They are dangerously pretty and cute, so one better take precautions instead, but even so, their look is just too healthy for the Eye.

Cost around 3000 Yen each, but when getting all four, it will cost 12000 Yen! Very very dangerously if you're going to grab them, since they do very big damages to your wallets.

Well, this week sure got many dangerous girls around, but they do have their cute and nice side, so have any of those Dangerous Girls got your Sparkly Eye Activated?
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