Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrating Mother Day 2013

Today is a good day to celebrate Mother Day, which is why many places are full of family who are going to celebrating with their beloved Mother.

Some take their Mother to go out and have some tasty food bite, and some go out and have fun. But though we celebrate a quick morning one for my Father's Mother, the later afternoon is over at my Mother's side Mother.

Of course we bought some tasty bites like Satay, Roasted Chicken meat and some Noodles, which were easily bought from the nearby Market.

Well, it only today we get to eat this much, but I had to admit that we bought much less than last year and yet we all are very full. And there also the 1Kg Cake for 8 People, which is a good thing that it a Vegetarian, so my dad can also bite on it.

We did take a few picture of the food, family photo together to keep as memories. But those are taken with a better camera; I using a normal iPhone 4, so it good for normal shot.

We did have our normal family chat, discussion and some jokes, but I still felt very full, even until now.

I do need to walk a bit around my hiding spot to cool my stomach off or I will not be having a good night nap.

The Strawberry Cake is fine for the other, but too sweet for my dad and me, I do like Strawberry Milk, Yogurt and drink etc, but not the Strawberry itself, there are small bit of the strawberry inside the cake, which give the cake the bit more sweeter, which is actually normal and tasty too.

But I can't get the Chocolate favor as my Imouto is allergy to it, so that is the reason why my imouto don't really celebrate Valentine day, since she doesn't really eat chocolate; mostly I am the one who eat it. The funny thing is that I don't like sweet, but my Imouto love it.

Anyway, as long as there are some tasty bites, my imouto would properly love it, and I sure that apply to some who love tasty bites too.

There are many different way to celebrate Mother day, some of which I saw some bringing their mother to have some beauty Photo shot, some go out and eat, some to shop and bought nice stuff for their mother.

What we do is stay at home, as the strange thing for today is that the weather is very very hot, which I would advised many to drink more water to prevent heat stroke.

And those who eat the heaty or warm / oily food, better take care of yourself, and drink some cool water or tea to cool off the body. Even I drink 4 cups of Pokka Ice Strawberry Tea as I was too thirsty and it served as a good taste to wash off the taste of the food in my mouth.

Since I bought a big bottle, there still enough to share around the family. And even when they all don't want to take a sip, it still best to drink a bit to cool the body after dinner.

Funny thing is that many are full and very tired too, since it getting late instead. So it was time to head back home. So how do you do for today, celebrating with family or stay at home?

Also have a Happy Mother Day!!
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