Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doing thing as I like

You know, it sure been a long time since I been slacking by peeking into Anime and Manga, but having many people asking me how I live my life can be an interesting question to me.

The thing is, I do temperary part time once in a while, and not during some time and that jobs which is why I seem to be free.

But I do prefer to stay at home, and peeking into Anime and Manga, but there are times when I need to go out on a walking session to refresh myself instead of staying at home.

Don't get me wrong that I not being Hikikomori anyway, but more like not staying at home to listen to my Dad's randomly and suddenly chatting session. The reason why I tend to repeat thing most of the times, is mainly due to my dad, and I got that problem of having to repeatedly explain.

And due to that, it a habit to me.

Anyway, there are times when I do need to do some simple cooking and cleaning just to keep him quiet.

Even my Imouto in times will ask me to get some breakfast for her, since I did told her not to eat instant noodle almost everyday.

Well, I do cook some simple food bite for myself, and if I just too lazy, I get cook instant noodles. If times too short, then I get grab some finger food outside and go along.

In times when I not too lazy, I do cook some simple and tasty bite, but I need my will power to cook it if I going to cook something like that right off in the morning and after I just get off the Magnetic Bed of mine.

But at least I also cooking for myself, so that is fine. Getting a tasty bites that is different from the normal noodles or rice is way better than one expected. Well, anyway, want to get back to peeking into Light Novels, since there are many chapters that I yet to finish up on.

So, do you do thing different from normal once in a while?
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