Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gisou Honey Trap

Gisou Honey Trap

Creator - Yoshizawa Vanilla


Published in Comic High! (Futabasha)
2 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Another short Manga to peek into, since it did got me wondering about the story plot. It won't even take much of one time since there only 2 Volumes, which isn't bad for plot.

Started with Keiichirou Mishima who had to stayed at Uncle's house as his mother want to go to Paris to look after his injured father.

Doing thing as she did, Keiichirou had no choice but to listen to her, and while waiting from someone from the house to fetch him, he encounter 2 young twins girls.

Despite their misunderstanding at first, they get along for a short until they both know who Keiichirou is, not only branding him a traitor and a liar, but they saw hostile toward him.

He only remember that they use to be close and that he played with them a lot since they were young. But due to some reason, Keiichirou had forgotten the twins, despite their reason that they had sent in letters to him.

It also take a while for Keiichirou that one of the twins is actually a boy despite his cute look and long hair, which made him seem like one frail girl. He also had a weak body too, which can easily made one misunderstand. What a trap.

But the elder twins is really a girl, but seem to be too rough and easily temper to be seem as one. And it really did seem that it take some time for Keiichirou to get close to the twins though he want to know why they are mad at him.

Marie the sister and Tomori the younger brother both played with Keiichirou, and that he promised to stay with them and take care of them. Also Marie got feeling for him, which Tomori was jealous and afraid that he will be left along.

Interestingly, Tomori tend to wear the same as Marie in order to be with her, which is why he wear female clothes and underwear, in which this trap is too heavy. Anyway, the story is easy to peek finish, so their long misunderstanding did come to a close.

At first, Keiichirou's mother wanted to take him to Paris, and rejected the twins of wanting to let Keiichirou's staying. Turned out that it was her doing in hiding the letters that the twins sent, and that those photo of them together was also keep from Keiichirou. When he was younger, he did wanted to stay with the twins but was forced back by her mother.

But at the end, they are able to stay together. I just amazed at how Keiichirou's mother was able to shot back Marie's flat chest. She was able to tell that Keiichirou's prefer the bigger one, whom the maid serving the twins' family is the ideal one.

Well, Marie did let Keiichirou rub them in hope of letting them getting bigger, but I not sure how truthful is that.

If you ask me about this Manga, I would said that the art is actually very well, just that the plot might be lacking in some part. But not bad for a short Manga Peeking.

For just a short 2 Volumes, it really a good quick peek, and I like the drawing of the Manga myself. Plot wise, maybe there isn't much, but about a twins and one students having their misunderstanding before getting close again like old time.

As far as I peeked, do you want to see how thing go in Gisou Honey Trap?
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